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Reason: Mild language, use of the Nazi swastika (卐), references to the now-collapsed USSR in one Season 3 episode, and use of illegal weapons.
Ant Kid
Format Flash animation
Created by UMassicPark

Rossen Varbanov

Writer(s) Frank Oz
Director(s) UMassicPark
No. of episodes 203
Run time 45 minutes (w/o commercials)

23 minutes (with commercials)

Rated TV-PG
English Network The TV Party Network
Starring Bob West

Frank Welker

Carlos Alazraqui

AT&T Mike

First aired 2008-2013, 2013-present

Ant Kid is a American children's comedy animated series produced by TV Party Inc, Arthur and Buster ProductionsME-Mation Studio, and Rockit.


A group of kids PRE-TEENS find a magic bright gold plum with a melting logic and a paper windmill on the top. They use it on a ant, creating a humanoid ant called Ant Kid.  They often save the world from Levi, a KKK member that uses a KKK hat full of THICK COOKING OIL, and Levi's also an villain that studies androids. With the help of Billy, Yam, Moose Funk, Toad, Little Miss Naughty (2008 Version), Little Miss Naughty (1980's/1990's version), Mr. Moon, Uncle Linna, "That Sappy Nun", "Taco Nazi", Lassie, Darth VaDuck, Toothy, Heinz Boy, "beavis and butthead telemarketer", the Fork 301 guys, Beavis and Butthead, Mr. Krabs, Mr. Krabs' Nephews, Armadillamingkat Berkowitz, Nova Blast, Jessica Dolphin, Slender Girl, The BFFL (Best Friends For Life, From Trollz), Little Guy/King Liguen, Mina MongooseJonathan, PC BUM, Mayhem The Dolphin, Michael Rosen, Ginormica, The Missing Link, Amanda Dolphin, Gosalyn, and many MANY others, they fight evil with a lot of help. And run in spendings for the hero, Ant Kid.

The villains are Levi, Ian-Zilla, Zits, Emma, Billy's 203-year old sister with the phone number (666) 667-6689, Biden, and 1 apple & 14 raisins.




The show takes place in, around, and away of the fictional city of Marental Ruidance, Florida, (the town's name a pun on the phrase Parental Guidance).

According to UMassicPark, the telephone area code for Marental Ruidance is 555, and as a gag, Moose Funk's telephone number is (555)-Rückgang-abwärts-Rolltreppen-und Treppen-at-34-Meilen-a-Stunde-mit-Pinky und der Gehirn-und-Ian-Zilla-und-Kleines-Fräulein-Naughty (translated as Drop-down-escalator and stairs-at-34-mile-a-hour-with-Pinky and the Brain and Ian Zilla and Little Miss Naughty in broken german).


The gang fly in a Ilyushin Il-18 with a modern Airbus tail and modern equipment installed.

The gang sail in a battle-cruiser made out of asparagus. (Nostalgia Critic reference)

The gang drive on a car made out of CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!


The music is a mix of Teen pop, pop rock, dance pop, R&B, Latin freestyle, and gospel music.

The theme was sung by the pop group The Jets. The 2013-present version is sung by Hawaiian singer Robi Kahakalau.

In international versions, the song was sung by various singers (like in Bulgaria, where the theme was sung by Valdi Totev, or in France, where the theme was sung by Annie Meson)


The Italian version is aired on RAI public television (on channel 1). It is called "La della formica magica da un altro spazio".

The Arabic version is aired on MBC 3. It is called "ماجيك حيد النملة" (The Magic Waheed Ant)

The Bulgarian version is aired on BNT Plus. It is called "Ей, ти" (Eĭ, ti, Hey you)

The Slovenian version is released on DVD and is called "Čarobna Mravlja, ki ne dogodivščine".

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