Ant Kid: The Movie is a 2014 family comedy movie by TV Party Inc. The movie aired as a world premiere on the Moviestar Channel.


In the District of Columbia, USA, at the Embassy of the United Kingdom, a big explosion of Heinz E-Z Squirt blows up all over the embassy, injuring a royal guard. Ant Kid and his friends arrive at the embassy and have it cleaned up with their magic gold plum. It is found out this is part of a series of attacks on the US by a group called "234frdddddddd", lead by François Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti. They meet a global spy catcher of INTERPOL named Secret Special Agent Pena, and find out that a man named Dan has been stealing and photographing Mexican, Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian, Hawaiian, and Canadian secrets and other sensitive material around the District of Columbia, and sending it to Papa Doc, then Dan put a microfilm with photos of the stuff metioned into a trench coat and walked in the country without anyone noticing.  Then he stayed at a haiti Holiday Inn, they had pictures of him from a moving Yugo 45 owned by him and his follow agents, and drank a Tequila Manhattan with sunflower seeds in it. Then he, Doc, and his other spies (including Levi, the show's villain) stole an Sukhoi Su-15 (the same one used in the shootdown of Korean Air Lines Flight 007) from an airfield and fled to The PlumTASTIC Kingdom of Rosen Island, but crashed the plane into an non-moving 747 at Rosen Island International Airport.

They meet Gosalyn, who can become half-slime, half-duck, and her friends, a MAGIC "little hero" called the Canardian Guardian, the 4 "Colored Creatures of Planet Flaaf", Heatwave (Red), Lightwave (Yellow), Radiowave (Green), and Waterwave (Blue) (formerly the 3 Frequency Fiends), Oblina, a Nigerian 419 scammer,  among other characters from various cartoons and one TOENAIL!

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