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Reason: Use of Toenail jokes, Nazi jokes, mild language, and cheese*.
Ant Kid 203
Format Flash animation
Created by UMassicPark
Writer(s) UMassicPark
Director(s) Rossen Varbanov
No. of episodes 45
Run time 23 minutes (w/o commercials)
Rated TV-PG
English Network The TV Party Network
Starring Same as Ant Kid

Ant Kid 203 is a spin-off of Ant Kid.


The Ant Kid cast start adventures on a Ilyushin Il-62. Now Levi's dead, the adventures' now in "Walking Slowly", a Caribbean island.


The show was cancelled after only 45 episodes due to low ratings, and "horrible recycled jokes". It will be succeeded by Ant Kid: The New Adventures.

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