(Theme Song)

It’s the next generation in LazyTown, New tasks every day, Things are upside down here in LazyTown, Adventures just a minute away!

(LazyTown: The Next Generation Logo Appears In the screen)

Stephanie: “Anti-Sportacus”

(Cuts to Stephanie’s Room)

(Stephanie sniffs)

Stephanie: What is that smell?

(Sportacus’s crystal beeps)

Sportacus: Someone is in trouble!

(Sportacus does his signature move)

(Cuts back to Stephanie’s house)

Stephanie: Holy Sportscandy! There is a fire!

Sportacus: Hose of Extinguisher!

(Brings the hose down)

(Sportacus extinguishes the fire)

(Stephanie exhales)

Stephanie: You always save the day! You even saved Sparkles. Thank you!

Sportacus: Just doing my job!

(Robbie Rotten Spies on Stephanie)

Robbie Rotten: Can’t I go 8 weeks without Sportaloon? I’m still mad about the Opposite Stephanie’s defeat!

(Flashback Starts With “Who’s Who?”)

Robbie Rotten: This Girl Won! You All Saw! Right?

(False Stephanie and Kid turns back into a figurine)

(Everyone Gasps)

Everyone: Robbie Rotten?

(Cuts Flashback To “Corrupted”)

(Sportacus shoots out the antidote)

(False Stephanie sees her staffs and pounds it on the floor to make an electromagnetic field to shock the kids)

(The antidote lands on False Stephanie’s butt)

Pixel: Ooh! On the butt!

(False Stephanie takes out the Dart from her butt)

False Stephanie: Not the antidote!

(False Stephanie Screams as the darkness banishes out of her body where Stephanie returns)

(Stephanie Passes out)

(Cuts to the next memory)

(Stephanie’s powers react to her anger and creates a thunderstorm and rain)

Ziggy: What’s happening!

Pixel: Stephanie knew her power reacts to her anger, so she put us in a force field to protect us!

Stephanie: I almost lost everything thanks to you! You also treated me as a slave! And for return, I will roast you! You are so ugly that your wearing women’s make up!

(Stephanie summons her electric staff)

(Stephanie hits Robbie Rotten with the electric staff which makes Robbie Rotten fly back to his lair)

(Robbie Rotten screams)

(Flashback Ends after “Corrupted”)

Robbie Rotten: I’m not going through this again! I need the biggest bully in LazyTown that is compared to Sportaloon!

Roboticus: Talking about me?

Robbie Rotten: No, you electronic idiot!

(Roboticus leaves)

Robbie Rotten: I want a super strong bully that hurts anyone that gets in its way! It’s not going to be the Opposite Stephanie! It’s going to be Anti-Sportacus! And Everyone will have to turn to me, forever! After Sportacus departs! Let’s get it started!

(Robbie gets the Sportacus Figurine)

Robbie Rotten: Wait!

(Flashback to “The Lazy Troops”)

Robbie Rotten: Time for my lazy nap!

Machine: Self-Destruct Activated! Self-destruct in 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Self-Destruct Complete!

(Machine Explodes)

(Flashback Ends)

Robbie Rotten: Well, nothing is impossible with this!

(Takes out his spell book)

(Places the Figurine on the ground and sets up the candles)

Robbie Rotten: htriB eviG htriB eviG htriB eviG htriB eviG htriB nomeD eviG htriB nomeD eviG htriB nomeD eviG htriB nomeD eviG htriB nomeD eviG htriB nomeD eviG!

(Robbie gives life to Anti-Sportacus)

Robbie Rotten: Amazing! You look like a great bully for LazyTown!

Anti-Sportacus: Thank You! Or should I say, you don’t deserve a thank you stupid!

(Robbie Smirks)

(Cuts to Stephanie’s House)

Stephanie: Thanks for saving us from the fire Sportacus! You are my bodyguard!

Sportacus: Thanks! You know, I won’t be here for a while!

Stephanie: Why? You are always here!

Sportacus: I’m taking a vacation to Paris, France! For a week!

(Stephanie’s tears start falling)

Stephanie: Your Leaving?

Sportacus: Don’t cry! I picked someone who can take care of the town!

Stephanie: Who?

Sportacus: You! You have powers! I trust you! Remember what your mother wants you to do for her? Be her big girl!

(Hugs Sportacus)

(Robbie spies)

Robbie: He’s leaving! “For the first time in forever! Sportaflop is leaving town!”

Anti-Sportacus: Now what shall we do idiot?

Robbie Rotten: My name is not idiot! My name is Robbie Rotten! And Sportaflop left town! So, you can take action and bully everyone in LazyTown! Did I forget to mention your much faster, stronger, and smarter than Sportaflop? It’s the power of the spell book?

Anti-Sportacus: What a Dork!

(Cuts to the kids)

Stephanie: Guys, I have good news and bad news! Let’s start with the bad one. Sportacus is leaving town!

Ziggy: It can’t be! Sportacus saved us millions of times!

Stephanie: I know! It sucks to hear that! But the good news is, I’m in charge of Sportacus. If theres any trouble, I gave you buttons to contact me.

Stingy: I still don’t trust you!

Robbie Rotten: So Sportacus is gone? You have a lot to do Anti-Sportacus!

Anti-Sportacus: How much is a lot dummy?

Robbie Rotten: Where gonna have to work on your target! Starting with Stephanie! This girl in the picture!

(Shows a picture of Stephanie)

(Cuts to Stephanie)

Stephanie: Sportacus is on vacation. But we still need LazyTown to be fit!

(Stephanie takes out an apple and sees Anti-Sportacus)

Anti-Sportacus: What’s up StephaNO!

Stephanie: Sportacus? You came? Why did you call me StephaNO?

(Anti-Sportacus pulls out a Doughnut, tackles, and restrains Stephanie forcing her to eat it)

Anti-Sportacus: Eat This Doughnut! Eat This Doughnut! Eat it right now!

Stephanie: Sportacus! What’s wrong with you?

Anti-Sportacus: You don’t need to know anything! Now Eat the doughnut!

Stephanie: No!

(Stephanie uses her lightning powers)

(Anti-Sportacus flies out)

Anti-Sportacus: This isn’t Over!

(Anti-Sportacus retreats)

Stephanie: That’s odd. Sportacus Is always happy, healthy, and saving people’s lives. Unless…

(Stephanie puts on her superhero mask)

(Cuts to Pixel’s house)

(Pixel and Ziggy Plays a video game)

Pixel: I’m the best at “Ninja Warriors 3”.

Trixie: Can you lose already?

Stingy: We really haven’t had a turn.

Ziggy: That’s not nice.

(Stephanie walks in)

Stephanie: Workout time!

Pixel: Quick Pause the game!

(Ziggy Pauses the game)

Pixel: Sorry Stephanie, we were just playing “Ninja Warriors 3”. What do you want?

Stephanie: Well, there is a version of Sportacus where he bullies innocent children.

Trixie: Yeah right!

Stephanie: See for yourself.

(Stephanie brings out her tablet)

(Shows a footage of Anti-Sportacus torturing and bullying Stephanie with a doughnut)

Pixel: She is telling the truth!

Ziggy: I want that Sportacus to feed me a doughnut.

Stingy: Then he will bully you.

Stephanie: This is why we need you all to work out. Together!

(Cuts to the gym with the kids)

(Fitness plays and Stephanie is singing it while Working out)

Stephanie: I think we have all the strength we need for us to defeat the bully!

Pixel: As the villains always lose, the bullies also lose.

Stephanie: Correct!

(Cuts to where Anti-Sportacus is)

(Bessie Busybody is tanning herself in front of her pool)

(Anti-Sportacus flips the chair into the pool)

Bessie Busybody: Sportacus? Are you nuts?

Stephanie: That is not nice to do that to Bessie!

Stingy: Yeah! Especially in front of MY pool in MY house! I let Bessie in my house.

(Anti-Sportacus kicks Stephanie and she flies as she tries to use her powers again)

(Stephanie lands near Robbie Rotten on the tree)

Robbie Rotten: Well if it isn’t Stephanie without Sportacus, speaking of Sportacus, you’ll never be like him.

Stephanie: Actually, Sportacus is on vacation, Wait a minute! You were the one that caused this Anti-Sportacus Trash! Right?

(Robbie Rotten gets the Superhero Inhibitor handcuffs and Puts it on Stephanie’s hands)

Robbie Rotten: Yes, that’s right! Such a smart little superhero!

(Stephanie tries to electrify Robbie Rotten)

Stephanie: Superhero inhibitor cuffs!

Robbie Rotten: That’s right! Plus…

(Elemental Proof Cage falls on Stephanie)

Robbie Rotten: Without Sportacus, there is no one to be saved. Your no superhero! You’re just a weak girl.

Stephanie: I won’t let you get away with this!

Robbie Rotten: Or what? You’ll turn into a rhino?

(Robbie imitates rhino noise)

(Cuts to Paris)

(Sportacus paints the Eiffel Tower)

(Sportacus’s crystal beeps as his painting gets ruined)

Sportacus: You’ve got to be kidding me! This must be trouble in LazyTown. Well, can’t ignore emergencies!

(Sportacus does his signature move)

(Cuts to Anti-Sportacus)

Anti-Sportacus: Who wants a wedgie!

Ziggy: A veggie? Can’t deny!

(Anti-Sportacus gives Ziggy a wedgie)

Stingy: This wedgie is not mine!

(Cuts to Stephanie and the elemental proof cage)

Stephanie aggressively: Let Me Out! I’m serious! Free me! Free me! When I get my hands on you Robbie Rotten, I’m going to electrify you!

Sportacus: Aggression won’t solve anything.

Stephanie: Why did you leave me behind and left me in this condition?

Sportacus: It was a mistake. I wanted to go on vacation! I’ll get you out of here!

(Sportacus uses his crossbow on the lock to burst open the elemental proof cage)

Stephanie: Thanks. Now the superhero inhibitor cuffs.

Sportacus: I don’t know about that Stephanie. Only the user of the spell book can free you from that.

Stephanie: Robbie Rotten! Of course.

(Cuts to Anti-Sportacus)

(Ziggy cries)

Anti-Sportacus: What a wimp!

Robbie Rotten: Your doing good! Or should I say, Bad!

Anti-Sportacus: You don’t deserve a thank you!

Stephanie: That’s Not Nice!

Sportacus: What am I looking at?

Robbie Rotten: Well well well, if it isn’t Sportaflop, Meet the version of you where you bully kids.

(Sportacus tries to punch Anti-Sportacus but he holds his hand before he does it and Anti-Sportacus throws him down)

Sportacus: He’s too strong.

Stephanie: Hey! I got an idea. You all use your strengths at the same time! I’m gonna go after the spell book.

(As the gang tries to hold Anti-Sportacus, Stephanie goes after the spell book)

(Stephanie reaches for the spell book)

Robbie Rotten: Looking for something?

Stephanie: Well I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just…

(Stephanie kicks Robbie Rotten in the nuts and the spell book falls)

Robbie Rotten: Ooh! Not the foot!

(Stephanie touches the spell book and she gets freed from the superhero inhibitor cuffs)

Stephanie: Everyone! Take cover!

(Stephanie shields Stingy, Pixel, Ziggy, Trixie, and Sportacus and summons her lightning staff)

Stephanie: It’s over Anti-Sportacus.

(Stephanie sees her staff and pounds it on the floor to make an electromagnetic field to shock Robbie and Anti-Sportacus)

(Anti-Sportacus vanishes in thin air)

Stephanie: Well, I guess it’s time to take the spell book!

(Stephanie tries to take the spell book, but Robbie swipes it from Stephanie)

Robbie Rotten: You haven’t seen the last of me!

Stephanie: When I touched the book, It not only freed me, but gave me the knowledge about what’s going to happen if it gets united with the other.

Sportacus: Don’t worry, all we know is that we bullied the bully out of existence. And we should be happy!

(Bing Bang starts)

Stephanie: “Bing Bang Digerigerdong! Funny words I say when I am Dancing! Bing Bang Digerigerdong! Silly words that can mean anything! Get on up it’s time to dance yeah! It’s so much fun being up on the feet! So, we go up, up, Do the jump! Move around and clap your hands together! Down, down, Turn around! Having fun is what it’s all about! 1, 2, Me and you! Move around and clap your hands together! 3, 4, On the floor! Having fun is what it’s all about! 5, 6, Time to flex. Move around and clap your hands together! 7, 8, It’s so great! Having fun is what it’s all about.”

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten’s Layer)

Robbie Rotten: This bad version of Sportaflop would have been the perfect way to destroy LazyTown!

Roboticus: Don’t worry! At least you still have me!

(Robbie Screams)

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