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This is the first episode and the Thanksgiving special of Dummies of the West.

Are You Thankful to Be Dumb?
Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) November 28, 2009
First Aired (USA) November 26, 2009
Guest Star(s) Reba McEntire as Mrs. Hankers
Guest Appearance(s) Mrs. Hankers
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"Remember That Day...."


Silver, Shadow, and Mephiles is invited to Mrs. Hankers' Thanksgiving Dinner.


  • Silver
  • Shadow
  • Mephiles
  • Mrs. Hankers (voiced by Reba McEntire)
  • People Invited to Dinner
  • Mailman
  • Butler


  • Silver, Shadow, and Mephiles' House
  • Mrs. Hankers' House


Silver, Shadow, and Mephiles are bored.

Shadow: It's boring.

Silver: It makes me hungry. *stomach rumbles*

Outside, Mailman puts the mail in the mailbox.

Silver pops out of nowhere by the mailbox.

Silver: The mail is here!!!!!

Shadow and Mephiles come out.

Mephiles: What does that envelope say?

Silver: What envelope?


Silver: hmmm..... GASP!

Mephiles: What?

Silver: We have won 2,0000,00000,0000 dollars!

Shadow takes the evelope.

Shadow: hmm.... Oh yeah.

Mephiles: What?

Shadow: We have been invited to Mrs. Hankers' 60th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner!

Silver: I didn't knew that it was Thanksgiving.

Shadow and Mephiles stare at Silver.

Silver: What?

The scene cuts to Mrs. Hankers' House.

Shadow: Well, this is the place.

Silver: Let's eat some Crumpets and Chicken!

Mephiles: Don't you mean Stuffing and Turkey?

Silver: That too!

They look at Mrs. Hankers' door.

Shadow: No doorbell?

Silver: I have an idea!

Shadow: What?

Silver uses Shadow's hand to let them in. Then, a butler opens the door.

Shadow: Ow! Next time, knock Silver.

Butler: Hello. May I help you?

Mephiles: We're here for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Silver: Want my bagel?

Butler: Follow me, sirs.

Silver: OK, if you don't want my bagel, I'll save you a piece.

Silver eats the whole bagel.

The hedgehogs follows the butler.

Mrs. Hankers: Welcome, Shadow, Mephiles, Silver. Come to the Dining Room.

The hedgehogs follow her.

Silver got more hungry.

Silver: I wish we could eat NOW.

Shadow: We'll eat after what were thankful for.

Mrs. Hankers: We are here today because it's Thanksgiving.

Silver gets hungrier.

Mrs. Hankers: Now to start what were thankful for, lets start by me.

Silver gets nervous.

Mrs. Hankers: I'm thankful for-


Silver runs and eats everything.

Mrs. Hankers: GET OUT!

Shadow: But it was-

Mrs. Hankers: GET OUT!!!!

Mrs. Hankers kicks out them.

Silver's body is circle.

Mephiles: Great going, Silver.

Silver: What did I do? Made a fiesta?

Shadow: You banned us from that house.

Silver: Well, it's back to the drawboard.

Mephiles: Which is?

Silver licks Shadow and Mephiles.