Area 51: Site 4 is a Si fi Horror/Action Adventure movie it is after the events of the first movie. It is based on the arcade game with the same name Area 51: Site 4 which was made by Atari Games. The movie was made by Fox. When the evil KROON alien race tried to attack Area 51 they then attack the whole entire earth. People have been screaming, scared, and shocked. Its up to the STAAR team to end this once and for all especially Peterson a member of the STAAR team. Sooner or later the STAAR team found out it was the KROON alien queen that has been causing all the trouble the STAAR team is going to have to stop her!

Rated PG for horror violence. US date: June 12 2017 UK date: June 20 2017 Japan date: June 34 2017 Australia date: June 27 2017

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