Armageddon is a character that starred in Soulcalibur Omen: Chronicles of Madness made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master that is a altered form of Apocalypse after he absorbed the Soul Edge into his body.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity/Nationality: Mutant/Egyptian
  • Sexual Orientation: Unknown
  • Handedness: Right
  • Skin: Black & Red
  • Blood Type: Unknown

Weapons/Powers & Weakness


  • Weapons:
    • Extremely hard claws
    • Tail
  • Powers:
    • Can blast demonic fireballs from his mouth


  • His eye on his chest is his main weakness, destroy that and he will die.


  • Armageddon is another meaning for Apocalypse, Doomsday and the End of the World.
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