Ascension of The True Rulers of The Solar System & The Legendary Guardians of The Vast Galaxies--Neon Genesis Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon Legendary Holy Crystal Infinity Zodiac Celestial Deity Intergalactic Kingdom / Universal Millennium Storm is a fan fictional story.

it is an remake of Sailor Moon with major alterations to the story.


The Fall of The Silver Millennium put the entire universe at risk of being consumed by The Darkness, Princess Serenity, now Neo-Queen Serenity and The Neo Soldiers watched the carnage fell upon their beloved Kingdom. They blamed the former ruler, Queen Serenity for being a weak ruler and a pathetic mother. they decided to remake the Silver Millennium into what it should have been and the make the universe a more peaceful place where no one is a slave to another, they along with The Infinity Scouts, The Zodiac Sailors, The Celestial Sailors, and The Deity Sailors set out to make their dream a reality.

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  • Princess Serenity did not fall in love with Prince Endymion, she ended her engagement with him after she caught him in bed with another woman.
  • The Moon Princess awakened her power and transformed into Neo Sailor Moon during the attack on The Moon Kingdom.
  • Sailor Galaxia is a good guy in this story. The reason for that is she did not seal Chaos inside her during The Sailor Wars.
  • The canon Sailor Scouts are from noble families, they were the main reason for The Fall of The Silver Millennium.
  • This story features crossovers with Ghost in The Shell, Kingdom Hearts, Transformers, Bakugan, and Sonic.
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