Ash tells May how much he cares about her.

This article is about the relationship between Ash and May. However, they break-up in The BFFFL Adventure of Katie and Sadie because of Ash's friendship with Izzy. They get back together, however, in Win All Together Now.

Hollywood World

Take Me and My Breath Away

At the end of the episode, Ash tells May how much he likes her, and they become a couple then.

Journey to the Center of Isabella

May asks Ash what was the deal with being nice to Bridgette, and Ash tells her he was only trying to help. May smiles and says "Just checking."

Travel to Sinnoh

After May pushes Izzy out the way, she constantly flirts with Ash. Later, they are seen holding hands while singing Winners!

Coming From You Again

After Miley finishes her song, Ash hugs May.

What Hurted The Most

Ash and May hug and cheer after Dawn wins the contest.

The BFFFL Adventure of Katie and Sadie

Ash breaks up with May, causing May to cry and sing Your Love is my Drug.


Ash seemed dissapointed that May wasn't going to compete in Total Cartoon Teams.

Opening the Door-a into Team Rocket

While Ash and Dawn were singing High Touch, May looks at Ash, with her eyes gleaming.

Win All Together Now

After Ash and Izzy break up, May starts crying. Then they start singing I See The Light, and they share their first kiss after this.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 2

Ash wishes May luck for the next round by kissing her on the cheek. This causes May to blush.

The Final Scene

They are seen in a photo together with Ash's Pikachu and May's Blaziken.

Total Cartoon Teams

TCT Aftermath 1

May seemed happy to see Ash.

Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey

Lunatone, Mitsuki's All-New Friend!

It is revealed that Ash and May are now engaged.

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