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After competing in the Sinnoh League, Ash learns from Professor Oak about a powerful Trainer who lives at the top of Mt.Silver, Ash decides to go there to become the strongest Trainer in the Kanto region.

On his way to Mt.Silver he meets his old companions; Misty and Brock. He stops at the Pokemon Center near the start of Mt.Silver to change his Pokemon around. While looking around he notices a door and is about to enter it, When that Pokemon Center's Joy stops him.He walks out and starts making his way up the mountain, When his Charizard arrives and fires a Flamethrower at Ash's face. Ash return's Charizard to it's Pokeball after reuniting. After making it near the top of the Mountain, Ash and the gang decide to take a rest. While Brock cooks dinner, Misty helps Ash figure out his strategy against this powerful foe.

The next Morning, Ash is wide awake as he couldn't sleep due to his excitement. Ash's Pikachu then hears something and runs towards a cave. There they encounter the mysterious Trainer with a Pikachu on his shoulder, Who introduces himself as Red and Ash introduces himself and challenges him. Red takes them further into the cave to reveal a battlefield where the sun shines through. Ash and Red both grin and begin the battle, Brock is the referee and the battle will be 6x6.

Ash turns his hat around and sends out Bulbsaur, While Red sends in Lapras. Ash: "Bulbasaur, Use Razor Leaf!" Red: "Lapras, Use Blizzard" The Blizzard stops the Razor Leaf attack and freezes Bulbasaur. Ash: "C'mon Bulbasaur! I know you can do it! Use Solarbeam!" Bulbasaur starts absorbing sunlight slowly. Red: "Lapras, Use Body Slam!" Ash: "Bulbasaur, Use Solarbeam, now!" Bulbasaur breaks out from the ice and fires at Lapras. Lapras falls down and faints. Brock: "Lapras is unable to battle".

Ash: "You did it, Bulbasaur!" Red: "You did well Lapras, Now take a long rest" Red returns Lapras and grabs another Pokeball. Red: "Go, Blastoise!" Misty: "He's sending in a Pokemon that is weak to Grass?" Red: "You should know, Type doesn't matter" Ash still confident says "You can do it, Bulbasaur, Use Vine Whip!" Red: "Blastoise, Go back in your shell" Blastoise goes back in his shell, And Vine Whip hits it's shell and does no damage. Red: "Use Flash Cannon!" Flash Cannon hits Bulbasaur head on, And Bulbasaur faints. Brock: "Bulbasaur is unable to battle". Both Ash and Misty are shocked that Bulbasaur lost.

Ash: "You did a good job, Bulbasaur. You're a tough trainer, Red. But your Blastoise is going down!" Ash returns his Bulbasaur and sends out Squirtle. Ash: "Squirtle use Rapid Spin" Red: "Blastoise, Grab it" Blastoise grabs Squirtle and stops his Rapid Spin. Ash: "Use Hydro Pump!" Blastoise is hit by the Hydro Pump, And sent back. Ash quickly says to Squirtle as Blastoise goes to stand up. "Use Withdraw, Then Rapid Spin!" Red waits for Squirtle to come closer to Blastoise and says "Use Hydro Cannon!" Squirtle is hit by the powerful Water attack and faints. Brock: "Squirtle is unable to battle"

Ash: "You did a good job, Squirtle, Take a long rest" Ash says to himself "How can I beat his Blastoise...?" Ash grins and sends in his Sceptile. Ash: "Sceptile, Bullet seed!" Sceptile disappears and strikes Blastoise before Red can give Blastoise a command. Red: "Blastoise, Use Focus Blast!" Ash: "Dodge it, And finish it with Leaf Blade!" Sceptile dodges Focus Blast and strikes Blastoise, Blastoise falls down and faints. Brock: "Blastoise is unable to battle"

Red: "Good job, Have a good rest" Red grabs his next Pokeball and sends in Venasaur. Ash: "Return, Sceptile! Go, Charizard!" Ash: Charizard! Use Flamethrower!" Red: "Use Sludge Bomb!" Both attacks hit and are equal and they are both knocked back. Red: "Use Frenzy Plant, Venasaur!" Roots come out of the ground and trap Charizard. Ash: "No!" Red: "Venasaur, Use Sleep Powder" Charizard falls asleep. Ash: "C'mon Charizard, Wake up!" Red: "Use Giga Drain." The attack hits, Not doing much damage but healing Venasaur. Red: "Use Sludge Bomb!" Sludge Bomb hits and Poisons it.Charizard awakens and uses Steel Wing to brake free. Ash: "Charizard, Use Flamethrower, Around Venasaur!" Red: "What are you planning, Ash?" Ash: "Now Charizard, Use Flamethrower!" Red: "Venasaur, Dodge!" Red then realizes there's a circle of fire around Venasaur preventing him from dodging. Venasaur gets hit and faints. Brock: "Venasaur is unable to battle"

Red: "You're fantastic, Ash" Ash: "You're not too bad yourself" Red: "Thanks Venasaur, Return" Red grabs a Pokeball and sends out his Charizard. Both Charizard's stare at each other, Red: "Use Dragon Pulse" Ash: "Dodge it and use DragonBreath" Both attacks hit and are equal. Ash: "Charizard, Use Steel Wing" Red: "Use Air Slash" Ash's Charizard dodges the Air Slash and hits Red's with Steel Wing. Red's Charizard falls to the ground, While Ash commands his Charizard to use DragonBreath, It hits and Red's Charizard takes more damage. Ash's Charizard lands on the opposite side of the arena, While Red's is getting up. Red: "Use Flare Blitz!" Misty: "Why would Red do that, Ash's Charizard can dodge, While Red's will take damage from recoil!" Red: "You'll see!" Ash: "Dodge it, Charizard!" Charizard tries but can't move and takes damage from Poison when Venasaur hit him with Sludge Bomb. Ash's Charizard hits the ground and faints. Brock: "Woah! Ash's Charizard is unable to battle"

Ash: "Return, Charizard take a rest. Go Sceptile" Sceptile appears and is ready to battle. Brock comments that even though Ash's Charizard lost, Red's Charizard has taken a lot of damage. "Sceptile, Huh? Charizard use Dragon Pulse!" Ash: "Sceptile, Dodge it and jump on Charizard's back and use Leaf Blade repeatadly!" The attacks hit Charizard while Red commands it to shake it off. Red's Charizard finally shakes Sceptile off, Red: "Charizard, Use Blast Burn!" Sceptile is hit by the powerful flames. Sceptile then starts to glow as it's Overgrow ability has been activated, Red's Charizard also begins to glow as it's Blaze has been activated. Red: "Use Flare Blitz!" Ash: "Absorb the sunlight and use Solarbeam!" Red's Charizard flies towards Sceptile close to hitting it, But Sceptile releases his Solarbeam which hits Charizard at full power. Charizard faints. Brock: "Charizard is unable to battle"

Red: "You did well, Charizard!" Red's Pikachu jumps off Red's shoulder and onto the battlefield. Misty comments on how Ash can't swap his Pokemon now as Sceptile can't take much more and wouldn't be able to defeat Red's last Pokemon. Ash: "Sceptile, Use Bullet Seed!" Red: "Pikachu, Dodge!" Ash: "Quick, Use Leaf Blade full power!" Pikachu is hit by the powerful Leaf Blade which has been boosted by Sceptile's Overgrow. Red: "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Ash: "Dodge!" Sceptile dodges barely and Ash, Red, Misty and Brock notice that Sceptile is worn out. Ash: "Absorb the sunlight! Sceptile!" Red: "We'll beat you before that can happen! Pikachu Use Quick Attack, Followed by Iron Tail!" Pikachu dashes towards Sceptile who is still absorbing sunlight. Pikachu who's close to Sceptile jumps and strikes Sceptile with Iron Tail, Sceptile takes the hit and manages to fire his Solarbeam which hits Pikachu and sends it flying across the arena. Sceptile then hits the ground and faints.

Ash: "Thanks Sceptile, You were great! I choose you, Pikachu!" Pikachu jumps off Ash's shoulder and is ready to battle. Red: "Pikachu, Lets Go!" Pikachu gets up but is still worn out from the battle with Sceptile. Ash: "Pikachu, Use Thunderbolt at full power!" Red: "We can do that! Pikachu, Use Thunderbolt at full power!" Both Thunderbolt's clash and are equal. Ash: Pikachu use Thunderbolt again!" Red: "Pikachu, You use Thunderbolt at full power" Red's Pikachu's Thunderbolt breaks through Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt and is about to hit it. Ash: "Use your tail as a Lightning Rod, Pikachu!" Pikachu does and gets hit by the Thunderbolt but absorbs some of it's power, Ash: "That's it, Now use Quick Attack, Followed by Volt Tackle!" Red: "Pikachu, Do the same!" Both Pikachu's clash in the arena, And smoke covers the battlefield, Nobody can see who's won. The smoke clears and Ash's Pikachu is still standing while Red's has fainted! Brock: "Red's Pikachu is unable to battle"

Red picks up his Pikachu and puts it back on his shoulder. Ash realizes that Red has one Pokemon left and wonders what it is. Red grabs his last Pokeball. Red: "Go, Snorlax!" Ash is about to change Pokemon when Pikachu tells him he can still fight and Ash decides sticks with him. Red: "Use Shadow Ball, Snorlax!" Ash: "Dodge it, Pikachu! Then use Thunder!" Pikachu dodges and uses Thunder which hits Snorlax and damages it. Red: "Snorlax, Use Crunch" Pikachu jumps on Snorlax's face and tries to climb up onto his head to counterattack, But Snorlax has caught Pikachu's foot in it's mouth. Pikachu's ability then actives; Static. Snorlax shakes it off and flings Ash's Pikachu back onto the battlefield. Ash: Pikachu let's finish this, Use Quick Attack, And then Volt Tackle!" Pikachu dashes towards Snorlax using Quick Attack then uses Volt Tackle, Pikachu then jumps in the air ready to strike. Red: "Snorlax, Inhale" Snorlax takes in air, Just as Pikachu's ready to strike. Pikachu hits Snorlax but bounces off Snorlax's belly causing little damage and sending Pikachu flying backwards. Ash jumps and manages to catch Pikachu, He puts Pikachu by the side of him. Brock: "Pikachu is unable to battle".

Ash grabs his last Pokeball. Ash: "The final battle...Go, Snorlax!" Both Snorlax's stare down each other as Red is surprised that Ash has one. Red: "Use Crunch, Snorlax!" Ash: "Block it with your hand!" Red: "Bite his hand, Snorlax" Red's Snorlax bites Ash's Snorlax's hand and Ash's Snorlax takes damage. Ash: "I knew you was going to do that! Snorlax, Use Ice Punch with the hand that's being bit!" Ice Punch hits the top of Red's Snorlax's mouth, Causing Red's Snorlax to take some damage and let Ash's Snorlax free. Ash: "Snorlax, Use Mega Punch! Followed by Mega Kick!" Red's Snorlax takes a lot of damage. Red: "Use Blizzard, Followed by Shadow Ball!" Ash's Snorlax is frozen and hit by the Shadow Ball and takes a lot of damage. Red: "Finish it! Use Giga Impact!" Misty: "No, Ash is going to lose!" Brock: "It's over" Ash: "No! Snorlax!" Red's Snorlax uses Giga Impact but thanks to Static, Red's Snorlax is paralyzed! And falls down, But manages to stand up. Ash: "Snorlax, Use Mega Kick!" Red: "Use Shadow Ball! Snorlax" Ash's Snorlax's Mega Kick hits, And Red's Snorlax's Shadow Ball hits too. Both Snorlax's fall down on there backs. Red: "Get up, Snorlax! Jump and then use Giga Impact at full power!" Ash: "Please get up, Snorlax!" Ash's Snorlax tries but can't. Red's Snorlax jumps in the air and uses Giga Impact. Ash: "Use Hyper Beam, Full power!" Both attacks collide and smoke covers the arena. The smoke clears and both Snorlax's are knocked out! Brock: "Both Snorlax's are out. It's a draw!"

After the battle, Red and Ash shake hands a make a promise to battle each other again. Red reveals a secret passage which leads to to the door in the Pokemon Center. Red says goodbye to Ash and co. And wishes Ash luck on his journey.

Ash says goodbye to Misty and Brock and Charizard and Squirtle, And deposits all his other Pokemon back to Professor Oak. And boards the boat to Unova.

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