Assassin vampires are an advanced form of vampire that first appear in Slayer Advance Season 1 Episode E14: Assassination. Assassin vampires were created by a spell released from an orb in Episode E11: Vampire Money. The orb contained an energy, when released, spawned a breed of vampires with advanced capabilities and powers. Assassin vampire have boosted speed, strength and durability compared to normal vampires, making them much harder to fight, giving them the ability to kill their victim faster. Because of their ability to enter homes without invitation, they can attack at any time, without notice. Assassin vampries look no different than humans or regular vampires and may morph (vamp out) like normal vampires into a vampire look. Even worse, these creatures are sunlight resistant. Assassin vampirs continue to exist in Slayer Advance until the finale episode, E110: Doomsday. After, these vampires are extinct as a result of Alexis' super power energy burst in the ending.


  • Boosted strength
  • Boosted durability
  • Boosted speed
  • Does not require invitation to enter homes
  • Is not affected by garlic
  • Holy water has low effect
  • Cross/crucifix has low effect
  • Gunshot to the head causes mental incapacitation
  • Sunlight resistant

Dies From

  • Stake to the heart
  • Beheading
  • Fire
  • Hellfire Bullets
  • Wooden Bullets to the heart
  • Removal of the heart
    • May include close range shotgun blast to the heart or .50 BMG round to the heart
  • Shotgun or .50 BMG blast to the head (removal of brain/head)
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