Attack of the Kirbs is a fanfiction short written by MarioFan65. It is a fanfiction where Kirby and Meta Knight clash in the stars and fight against the Death Star.


  • Kirby
  • Meta Knight
  • Emperor Dedede
  • Keeby (cameo)


(We enter through space with stars floating in the air)



(We then move close to Planet Popstar, but there is a war going on with space battle-vehicles. Kirby's team and Meta Knight's empire clash in for a war.)

  • Meta Knight: Kirby, you fool. You are outnumbered, the Kirby Empire will surely fall, and this is what you get for destroying the Halberd.
  • Kirby: Poyo! *fly his jet to attack on Meta Knight's ship*
  • Meta Knight: Don't even think about it. *shoot on Kirby's jet*
  • Kirby: Ah! *press buttons to laser on the battle-vehicles.
  • Meta Knight: *destroy two pink spaceships* Yes! Now you're turn.
  • Kirby: *dodge attack the lasers*
  • Meta Knight: Don't twist around. I'm gonna get you back!

(Auto-pilot ships are shooting at each other and a giant ship firs at both, zooms in on the ship, and reveals Keeby is driving it)

  • Keeby: I have-a no idea what's going on.

(Back to where Kirby's team and Meta Knight's empire are clashing, more ships came by zooming in as Kirby shoot lasers on Meta Knight's spaceships)

  • Meta Knight: How dare you shoot against my ships!? Now you owe it.
  • Kirby: Uh oh.
  • Meta Knight: *shoot on Kirby's jet*
  • Kirby: *shoot on Meta Knight's ship*
  • Meta Knight: All your little spaceships are dead!
  • Kirby: Grrr. *shoot on Meta Knight's ship*
  • Meta Knight: I'm in low fuel. Back to the empire!
  • Kirby: *chase Meta Knight into the Death Star*

(Kirby and Meta Knight crash into the space station as they jump off the pods and the jet and spaceship crash into the parking area. Kirby and Meta Knight land on the floor from the crash.)

  • Kirby: *get up*
  • Meta Knight: Feel like I should pull up. *pull out his lightsaber*
  • Kirby: *pull out his lightsaber and fight Meta Knight*
  • Meta Knight: *jump and slash Kirby*
  • Kirby: *hit on Meta Knight*
  • Meta Knight: *walk back while fighting Kirby with a lightsaber*
  • Kirby: *fight all the way to the hallway*

(Through fighting throughout the hallway, they still fight and fight until they end up in the emperor's throne)

  • Emperor Dedede: *evil laugh*
  • Kirby and Meta Knight: *glare at each other*
  • Emperor Dedede: Meta Knight, finish him.
  • Meta Knight: *fight Kirby*
  • Kirby: *block the hit*
  • Emperor Dedede: *control Meta Knight*
  • Meta Knight: Ugh. My head.
  • Emperor Dedede: You have my powers. You are the Sith. Go teach what this pink marshmallow can do.
  • Kirby: Ahh! *hit Meta Knight*
  • Meta Knight: *use the force on Kirby*
  • Kirby: *crash to the boxes*
  • Meta Knight: *jump and slash Kirby*
  • Kirby: *roll over*
  • Emperor Dedede: You'll never win.
  • Kirby: *hold his lightsaber*
  • Meta Knight: *fly to slash on Kirby*
  • Kirby: *block the attack*
  • Emperor Dedede: What the fluff?
  • Kirby: *use his strong energy on Meta Knight*
  • Meta Knight: There is never good in me.
  • Kirby: Poyo!
  • Emperor Dedede: I am all the Sith! *stand up and use his thunder strike on Kirby*
  • Kirby: Ahh!
  • Meta Knight: *stand back and watch Kirby get electrocuted*
  • Emperor Dedede: *evil laugh*
  • Meta Knight: *still watch Kirby getting electrocuted*
  • Emperor Dedede: How are you liking your death so far?
  • Meta Knight: *jump and slash on Emperor Dedede*
  • Emperor Dedede: Ah! No! How dare you?!
  • Meta Knight: He was my only rival and friend.
  • Emperor Dedede: Well that was some lazy writing.
  • Meta Knight: *hold Emperor Dedede up*
  • Emperor Dedede: What are you doing?! You can't throw me off.
  • Meta Knight: Oh yes i will. You're going to enjoy your death as much as you wish.
  • Emperor Dedede: Don't you do it!
  • Meta Knight: *throw Emperor Dedede off the station*
  • Emperor Dedede: No!
  • Kirby: *get up*
  • Meta Knight: We have to get out of here. The Death Star is about to crash!
  • Kirby: *point at the emergency room and rush tot he emergency room with Meta Knight*

(At the emergency room, they see a bunch of space pods parked at the landing spot)

  • Meta Knight: Go find one and get out!
  • Kirby: *go to one space pod*
  • Meta Knight: *go to one space pod* Now where can i press? Eureka. *press the green button and fly off to space*
  • Kirby: *press the green button and fly off to space*

(The Death Star explodes as Kirby and Meta Knight escaped with the space pods with the spaceships dying down from the war)

  • Kirby: Yay!
  • Meta Knight: Take that Emperor Dedede you greedy sith of a lord.
  • Kirby: *eat his strawberry shortcake*
  • Meta Knight: Oh well. I need a shower.

(Kirby and Meta Knight fly off with their space pods back to Planet Popstar)



  • The story was released in favor of Star Wars Day. It also parodies Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
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