Auto Solar Moonlight Cyber Aeon Crystal Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DxD Millennium Prime-- The Divine Cybertron Cosmic Crystal Era, The Legend of The Strongest & Most Powerful Beings in The Supernatural Realms & Vast Extraterrestrial Galaxies is a fan fictional massive semi-crossover story & series.


Here is the list of The Main crossovers:

  • Sailor Moon
    •  Sailor Moon Crystal   
    • Neo Sailor Moon Solar
  • Transformers
    • ​Tranfsormers: Prime
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • To Love-Ru!
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • InuYasha
  • Looney Tunes Zero
  • High School DxD
  • Evangelion
  • Medaka Box
  • Marvel's Avengers Assemble
  • Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Final Fantasy
  • W.I.T.C.H.
  • Winx Club
  • Princess Resueerction
  • Tenchi Muyo!
  • Ghost in The Shell

This is a massive crossover story with other anime & cartoon shows, movies, video games.

The Sailor's parents from The Silver Millenium are alive in this story.

This as a reconstruction of The Sailor Moon Series with upgrades to the Sailor Soldier Uniform, inluding excessive violence and more humor.



Sailor Soldier Universe / Sailor Senshi Civilization

Divine 3 / Universal Sailor Entities

Sailor Primes / High Generals / Supreme Commanders

Neo Soldiers / Sailor Team

Sun Soldiers

  • Neo Solar Sailor Moon
  • Neo Solar Sailor Sun
  • Neo Solar Sailor Solar
  • Neo Solar Sailor Sol
  • Neo Solar Sailor Solaris

Neo Soldiers

  • Neo Sailor Earth
  • Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Neo Sailor Mars
  • Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Neo Sailor Venus
  • Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Neo Sailor Charon

Zodiac Sailors

Infinity Sailors / Sailor Soldier High Council

Sailor Animates

Sailor Constellations

Celestial Sailors 

Deity Sailors / Elite Guard

Divinity Sailors

Bestial Sailors / Royal Guards


Primes / Prime Leaders


The 9



Aerialbots / Superion

Protectobots / Defensor


Cybertron Elite Guard

Human Allies

The Archangel

The Minerva

The Eternal


  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Widow
  • Falcon
  • Ant Man

Freedom Fighters


  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prowler
  • Knuckles The Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream The Rabbit
    • Cheese The Chao
  • Big The Cat
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Rouge The Bat
  • E123- Omega
  • Jet The Hawk
  • Wave The Swallow
  • Storm The Albatross
  • Marine The Raccoon
  • Silver The Hedghog
  • Blaze The Cat
  • Shahra The Ring Genie
  • Merlina The Sorceress
  • Brandon The Wolf
  • Mirage The Hedgehog
  • Barrage The Shark
  • Onyx The Rhino
  • Delta The Koala
  • Trench The Koi
  • Fiona The Monkey
  • Rosalyn The Panda
  • Gyro The Dynamite

Winx Club

The Winx

  • Bloom
  • Stella
  • Flora
  • Techna
  • Musa
  • Aisha
  • Roxy
  • Daphne

Time-Space Administration Bureau


  • Nanoha Takamachi
  • Fate Testarossa Harlaown
  • Hayate Yagami
  • Signum
  • Vita
  • Shamal
  • Zafira


  • Will Vandom
  • Irma Lair
  • Taranee Cook
  • Cornelia Hale
  • Hay Lin

Holy Knights / Guardians of Looney Tune Kingdom

King & Queen Of All Looney Tunes

  • King Star Raid Sphinx ( Supreme Commander )
  • Queen Star Storm Sphinx ( Second in Command )

Mystical Guardians / Protectors of the Magical Realm

  • King Fire Raid Dragon ( Mystic Commander )
  • Queen Aqua Storm Mermaid
  • King Tornado Raid Hydra
  • Queen Tsunami Storm Siren
  • King Dark Raid Chimera
  • Queen Blaze Storm Phoenix
  • King Spark Storm Thunder Bird
  • Queen Hydro Storm Kraken
  • King Terra Riad Manticore
  • Queen Leaf Blade Dryad
  • King Axe Blade Minotaur
  • Queen Air Raid Griffin
  • King Sky Blaze Garuda
  • Queen Mystic Raid Jinn
  • King Rapid Blast Fu Dog
  • Queen Galaxy Blast Pegasus
  • King Blade Burst Centaur
  • Queen Light Blast Fairy
  • King Trail Blazer Elf
  • Queen Quick Speed Reindeer
  • King Mega Impact Golem
  • Queen Galaxy Burst Unicorn

Raid Cats

  • King Spark Blast Lion
  • Queen Quick Fist Cheetah
  • King Holy Rage Tiger
  • Queen Luna Blitz Panther
  • King Double Edge Wildcat
  • Queen Heavy Claw Puma
  • King Strike Raid Jaguar
  • Queen Quake Storm Leopard
  • King Mirage Blade Bengal
  • Queen Deep Freeze Snow Leopard
  • King Zero Blast Lynx

Wreckin Dogs

  • King Lead Foot Bulldog
  • Queen Road Buster Poodle
  • King Top Spin Beagle
  • Queen Road Rage Pitbull
  • King Impactor Siberian Husky
  • Queen Twin Twist Great Dane
  • King War Path Blood Hound
  • Queen Fire Light Coyote
  • King Big Bang Wolf
  • Queen Iron Fist Fox
  • King Wheel Jack Dalmatian
  • Queen Springer Jackal
  • King Rack ' N Ruin White Terrier
  • Queen Shadow Box Serbian Hound

Aerial Wizards

  • Queen Air Blade Falcon
  • King Sky Burst Eagle
  • Queen Serial Storm Vulture
  • King Big Air hawk
  • Queen Sky Blast Swallow
  • King Jet Storm Albatross
  • King Air Raid Pelacon
  • Queen Swift Slash Bat

Aerial Storm

  • King Shadow Raid Owl
  • Queen Sky Raid Dove
  • King Dark Raid Raven
  • Queen Qiuck Draw Crane
  • King Air Zero Hummingbird

Beast Warlords

  • King Heavy Fist Gorilla ( Beast Commander )
  • Queen Blizzard Bast Penguin
  • King Swift Kick Antelope
  • Queen Mega Hammer Ape
  • King Magma Master Bull
  • Queen Aqua Tornado Camel
  • King Hammer Blade Buffalo
  • Queen Armor Hide Armadillo
  • King Land Raid Kangaroo
  • Queen Tree Blade Koala
  • King War Machine Zebra
  • Queen Accelerator Storm Quail
  • King Quake Hammer Elephant
  • Queen Swift Star Mink
  • King Death Blade Giraffe
  • Queen Spike Hammer Porcuqpine
  • King Spectral Speed Hedgehog

Reptillian Royal Guard

  • King Grim Lock Tyranosaurus
  • Queen Sonic Scream Pteranodon
  • King Mega Fist Triceratops
  • Queen Energy Blade Braciosaurus
  • King Sound Blade Tupuxara
  • Queen Power Punch Pachycelphasaurus
  • King Swift Slash Dimertrodon
  • Queen Scissor Snip Parasurolophus
  • King Sludge Master Ankylosaurus
  • Queen Wreck Jaw Carnotaurus
  • King Chill Breaker Chasmosaurus
  • Queen Maximum Storm Styracosaurus

Liazrd Blitz

  • Queen Posin Strike Snake
  • King Blade Edge Basilisk
  • Queen Color Shift Chameleon
  • King Neo Shine Iguana
  • Queen Giga Bomb Xenomorph

Demonic Guardians

  • Queen Blood Storm Devil ( Hell Commander )
  • King Dark Blade Vampire
  • Queen Dark Blast Witch
  • King Bone Crusher Skeleton
  • Queen Hell Fire Cerberus
  • King Blood Oath Ogre

Hell Rider

  • Queen Lust Succubus
  • King Gluttony Werewolf
  • Queen Sloth Phantom
  • King Pride Wraith
  • Queen Envy Arachnid
  • King Greed Echidna
  • Queen Wrath Cerberus

Angelic Guardians

  • Queen Holy Blade Angel ( Holy Commander )
  • King Halo Storm Cherubium
  • Queen Holy Impact Ophanium
  • King Halo Raid Seraphim
  • Queen Holy Rain Quetzalcoatl
  • King Divine Halo Archangel

Holy Raid

  • Queen Chasity Scorpion
  • King Temporance Toad
  • Queen Dillengence Monkey
  • King Charity Ferret
  • Queen Patience Alligator
  • King Humility Rhino
  • Queen Kindness Parrot

Aquatic Storm Masters

  • Queen Ink Blast Octopus ( Aquatic Commander )
  • King Quick Blade Sword Fish
  • Queen Ice Blast Dolphin
  • King Aqua Raid Shark
  • Queen Multicolor Rainbow Fish
  • King Hydro Blade Hippocampus
  • Queen Purity Blast Xana
  • King Aquarius Storm Kelpie
  • Queen Wiskers Cat Fish
  • King Will o' Wish Jellyfish
  • Queen Aqua Jet Nyx
  • King Hydro Cannon Duck
  • Queen Aqua Marine Weasel
  • King Buck Shot Platypus

Ancient Guardians Of The Imperial Gates

  • Lord Azure Blast Dragon ( Ancient Guardian Commander )
  • Lady Scaret Blaze Sparrow
  • Lord Snow Fang Tiger
  • Lady Black Hammer Tortoise

Bakugan Kings / Ancient Bakugan Guardians Of The Holy Grail

  • King Cross Blaze Dragonoid ( Leader )
  • Queen Holy Shine Tigrerra
  • King Tidal Wave Preyas
  • Queen Land Cross Gorem
  • King Cosmic Storm Skyress
  • Queen Death Ball Hydranoid

Tailed Sages / Masters of The Ninja Arts

  • Moon Blade Jubi ( Leader of Tailed Sages )
  • Wind Razor Shukaku
  • Hell Fire Nibi
  • Hydro Blade Sanbi
  • Ground Hammer Yonbi
  • Rapid Charge Gobi
  • Slime Blast Rokubi
  • Lucky Breeze Nanabi
  • Thunder Bolt Hachibi
  • Blazing Air Kyubi

Insect Masters of the Coast

  • Queen Honey Blade Honey Bee ( Insect Commander )
  • King Scavanger Ant
  • Queen Over Load Grasshopper
  • King Blaster Mostiquto
  • Queen Tip Scale Dragon Fly
  • King Quick Shot Fly
  • Queen Mini Blast Butterfly
  • King Air Light Firefly
  • Queen Station Zero Flea
  • King Scissor Blade Mantis
  • Queen Sound Wave Cricket
  • King Mix Master Moth
  • Queen Long Haul Weevil
  • King Alchemist Prime Beetle

Mechatar Guardians

  • Chain Hammer Aqaudon ( Metal Commander )
  • Steel Blade Barigator
  • Mega Charge Elephantius
  • Volcano Raid Garius
  • Final Gear Blade Liger
  • Sun Strike Ultrasaurus
  • Mega Bomb Geo Breaker
  • Road Buster Liger Zero Phoenix
  • Lead Foot Laser Saix

Blastix Storm Maximus

  • Quick Mixer Killer Spiner
  • Top Spinner Heavy Gale
  • Tail Gate Bio Megaraptor
  • Quick Force Diablotiger
  • Lock Down EnergyLiger

Zoid Masters

  • Scatter Brain Death Stinger ( Zoid Commander )
  • Wild Shot Flyscissors
  • Impactor Crimson Horn
  • Double Blade Hammer Head
  • Mirage Blade Iguan
  • Jet Strom Jet Falcon
  • Dragon Fire Kingbaron

Gear Blade Maximus

  • Fire Storm Leo Gator
  • Rapid Shot Rapto Cesear
  • Grim Hammer Rayse Tiger
  • Sludge Blade Saberlion
  • Megalo Zero Whale King

Hollow Generals / Espada Masters & Guardians Of The Holy Crystals

  • Victoria Llargo ( Leader Of The Arrancar Guardians )
  • Andre Starrk / Mina Gingerbuck
  • Jade Harribel
  • Robert Gilga
  • Cathernine Jagerjaquez
  • Sabrina Tu Odelschwanck
  • Beck Aporro Granz
  • Katrina Louisenbaim
  • Marcus Arruruerie
  • Selena Alessandro Del Soccaio
  • Peter Sanerwicci

Space-Time Guardians

  1. King Speed Blast Reptillian ( Space-Time Commander )
  2. Queen Gold Blade Venusiaan
  3. Kindg Spirit Blade Andromedans
  4. Queen Sub Zero Yeti
  5. King Zero Blade Zanizbar Leopard
  6. Queen Final Raid Maltese Tiger
  7. King Hot Shot Kappa
  8. Queen Rapid Speed Jackalope
  9. King Finale Blast Ahool
  10. Queen Shine Blast Martian
  11. King Vemon Strike Krylock
  12. Queen Blitrz Ball Saiyan

Ancient Deities / Immortal Masters of The Keyblade

  • Kiraga X-Blade ( Leader of Ancient Deities )
  • Tier Z-Blade
  • Color Storm Wisp
  • Crystal Storm Emerald
  • Spectral Plane Dark
  • Astral Raid Light
  • Black Zero Dark
  • Holy Steam Divine Heaven
  • Grand Zero Heartless
  • Armored Plane Unversed
  • Xiarga Nobody
  • Double Edge Twilight

Spiritual Captains / Grand Masters & Guardians Of The Spirit Lands

  • King Blaze Storm Yamamtoto ( Leader )
  • Queen Aqua Blast Shihoin
  • King Forest Raid Senju
  • Queen Sky Wave Namikaze
  • King Lava Buster Terumi
  • Queen Gravity Storm Uzumaki
  • King Posion Drive Kato
  • Queen Cure Blade Unohana
  • King Judgement Raid Konamura
  • Queen Rose Blade Kuchki
  • King Holy Chain Kurosaki
  • Queen Dusk Raid Matsumoto

Galactic Guardians / Grand Masters & Saviors Of The Universe

  • King Silver Blaze Lunarian ( Leader )
  • Queen Blizzard Raid Mercurian
  • King Blaze Master Martian
  • Queen Spark Blaster Jupitarian
  • King Blastix Raid Venusian
  • Queen Sky Slash Uranian
  • King Tidal Storm Neptunian
  • Queen Time Rage Plutoian
  • King Spirit Breaker Saturnian
  • Queen Leaf Hammer Terrian
  • King Solar Storm Solarian

Colosuss Guardians / Defenders Of Looney Tune Kingdom

  • Bladix Zero
  • Infinitron Maximus
  • Lockdown
  • Big Zero
  • Omega Maximus
  • Balance Storm
  • King Blade

Section 13 & J-Team

Zodiac Masters




Fallen Angels


  • Azazel
  • Shemhazai
  • Baraquiel
  • Armaros
  • Sahariel
  • Penemue
  • Tamiel
  • Raynare / Ophaniel
  • Kalawarner / Ambriel
  • Medaka Kurkami / Kizariel



  • Sirzechs Lucifer
  • Katerea Leviathan
  • Ajuka Beelzebub
  • Fabium Asmodeus
  • Roygun Belphegor
  • Shinji Satan
  • Serafall Mammon
  • Lillianne von Diablous


Great Dragons

True Dragon

Dragon God

Heavenly Dragons

Dragon Kings

Evil Dragons

Supernatural Beings

Mount Olympus



Shinto Gods






  • Auto Solar Moonlight Cyber Aeon Crystal Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DxD Millennium Prime-- The Divine Cybertron Cosmic Crystal Era, The Legend of The Strongest & Most Powerful Beings in The Supernatural Realms & Vast Extraterrestrial Galaxies
  • Auto Solar Moonlight Cyber Aeon Crystal Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DxD Millennium Prime-- The Divine Cybertron Cosmic Crystal Era, The Legend of The Strongest & Most Powerful Beings in The Supernatural Realms & Vast Extraterrestrial Galaxies: Destiny Sentinels
  • Auto Solar Moonlight Cyber Aeon Crystal Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DxD Millennium Prime-- The Divine Cybertron Cosmic Crystal Era, The Legend of The Strongest & Most Powerful Beings in The Supernatural Realms & Vast Extraterrestrial Galaxies: Chaos Hunters

Trivia / Extra Infinormation

  • Shinji Ikari is s second generation Satan because he is direct descendant of The Original Satan. He is also a Super Devil.Shinji's title: DxD stand for Devil of Devils.
  • Shinji's wife and queen is Grayfia Lucifuge.
  • Lillianne created The Diablous clan because she was born with power rivaling The Shadow Queen and The Supreme Ruler of The Underworld: Catherine Rose Hinsoma. Lillianne was the one who killed Catherine in The Satan Civil War.
  • The Silver Moon Kingdom is close allies with The Devilukean Empire before, during and after The Galaxy Civil Wars against The Dark Kingdom.
  • Lala Satalin Deviluke is the current Queen of planet Deviluke and Supreme Ruler of The Galaxy after her father, The late King of The Universe: Gid Lucione Deviluke was killed in the war.
  • Princess Serenity took over as The new Queen of The Silver Moon Kingdom after her and her sister's mother, Queen Selenity passed her crown on to her.
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