Fan Fiction

Age: 15-18

Best Friends:  Sion, Dominique, Volt, Wong, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Bulma, Korin, Krillin, Dende, Mr. Popo, Videl, #18, Majin Buu, Chiaotzu, Echidna, Leann, Spyro, Simone

Occupation: Z-Fighter, Dragon Ball hunter, Organizer at the Fate bar

Appearances: The Mikado Saga, The Drabble of Dog Street, The Black-Hooded Sion Saga, The Yakuza Saga

Theme Song: A mashup of Mystical Adventure Instrumental and Sion’s Theme

Battle Theme: Battle Theme 5 - The Battle with All My Force (DBZ: Budokai)

Battle Theme for Trunks: Battle Theme 3 - Move Forward Fearlessly (DBZ: Budokai)

Battle Theme for Goten: Battle Theme 4 - Challengers (DBZ: Budokai)

Ayame was at first going to be my debut character, and in Japanese the name means iris. She’s robust and very much like a tomboy. Unlike many women, she’s always in the mood for adventure, and never backs down from a battle even if her friends are in a bind. Her charming demeanor and her determination often makes her stand out, much like Videl and #18. She’s also very intelligent and it shows whenever there is a plan to pull off against her greatest adversaries: from Turlis and the Tree of Might, to venturing inside a Saiyan heart. However, she can be cocky, and she does rely on her allies’ help too much if needed.

Her best friend and inspiration is the noble Saiyan warrior, Goku. She’s always willing to stand by his side, and her pure heart matches that of his own. Although there were times when they quarreled with each other when his compassion lands him into trouble. At Dog Street, her best friend there is Sion Barzahd, a bouncer employed by a bar called Fate. Much like him she, too, went through tragedy and loss; however, she still harbors a great deal of bravery if the time comes. She admires him; his beloved, Dominique; and his mentor, Wong very deeply.

Her greatest hindrances are usually when she deals with confusion and a fallen comrade… She completely loses her focus and that often leads her overwhelming mind to go astray, which costs her life as well as others. However, her allies give her the support and encouragement she needs, and they help her stay on track. Ayame’s courage, instincts, and camaraderie grows tenfold. She puts them into great use while she searches for a Dragon Ball at Dog Street and rescues a mysterious girl, then later encounters a menacing madman that threatens to destroy the world with a solar-powered satellite. As well as a certain doppelganger, and even the Yakuza.

Sion and Ayame

Ayame with Echidna and Leann in the third, difficult slot

Ayame in first slot with Echidna and Leann

Overtime, her personality changed once she reached adulthood; she wasn’t as resilient as she used to be and took on more responsibility. Her pressures growing up overwhelmed her so, that her charisma dimmed and she became less of a risktaker. As peace returned, she became less interested and retired as a Z-Fighter then decided to become a regular civilian. She returned to Dog Street thanks to the red hoodie she found, a present from Sion before she started high school. She was reluctant on working for Fate, but before she’d prove herself, the Yakuza threat intervened. The Z-Fighters came late against it as she teamed up with Echidna and Leann. The bouncers’ betrayals were so overwhelming and the return to the Lookout was deja vu of Garlic’s attack there. Plus, she lost her family during the threat, though the Z-Fighters (Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Korin, Dende, 18, Videl, and Mr. Popo) and her allies given her support. She then moved to Dog Street officially and became an employee of Fate functioning as a bookkeeper.


  • Ayame is Japanese for iris. Better than the mashup name Siou...
  • She's Ikran's self-insert character in DBZ and the Bouncer; she was 15, same age as Dominique, and when Ikran first encountered the PS2 game.
  • She's also autistic, and doesn't drive like Ikran. Although, unlike her, she has Asperger's.
  • Ikran seems to have a conflict between pairing Sion with either her or Dominique.