This is a series that brings adventutres of a teen, a woman, and yoshi.

BACON!:The misadventures of Sophia,GYoshi, and Shadow Woman
Created by
was not Etenitey the hedgehog


Etenitey the hedgehog,Manta-Bee, SuperSaiyanKirby, and Chomper4.




No. of episodes


Run time
20 min approx.


TV PG (Parental Guidance)


English Network
Stunts TV


The people mentioned in the title and others whos names are wrong


First aired
January 4, 2010


Last aired



Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Super Villains


Cameos that make a appearance every once a while

More Characters will be added.


Funny Cartoons! Pilots

  1. BACON!

Season 1

  1. Adventure time!
  2. Morning Night
  3. 2002
  4. Idiot Blood Surgery
  5. As a Burger sydrome
  6. Dummies of the Bacon
  7. Mason and Sophia
  8. The Bacon Gum
  9. Bacon Sick
  10. The NEW worm
  11. It's all good, BRO!
  12. Where do Mummies come from?
  13. The Party
  14. Brains?
  15. The Volcano that came out of nowhere by the Lava King
  16. Super Bacon Heroes!
  17. Monster in the deep and deadly maze
  18. Wish on your idoitic wishing star
  19. The Ducks family
  20. So what!?
  21. Wizards of the wavey place
  22. The sweet life
  23. Big Boar
  24. Injured feet and Jealous
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