BRI-N and VIN-E: Like Father, Like Son is a fanfiction OVA by LDEJRuff. It acts as a prequel to the third season of Flame Icejin: The New Frontier.


When Brian Griffin gets run over by a car, Stu, named "Stewie" then, saves his life by transferring his soul into a robot body. As time goes by, Brian, now going by the name of BRI-N, decides it's time he had a son, who is also a robot, named VIN-E, and a fond relationship between father and son begins.


Fifteen years before the events of Ice Jeweler Stu Griffin, named "Stewie" then, and his dog Brian, were busy setting up a street hockey game. As Stewie goes inside the house to put on his knee pads, a car skids by and runs Brian over, bringing him near the brink of death. Stewie is shocked and horrified, and he brings Brian inside his room, where he downloads his spirit into a robot body he fashioned to look exactly like Brian. With the download a success, Brian awakens and discovers that he is a robot. However, when first noticing this, he isn't surprised or shocked, since Stewie didn't install the emotion chip yet. With that taken care of, Brian is now surprised, and wants to know what happened. Stewie explains everything, and with that, Brian doesn't react angrilly, but is relieved that he has survived being run over.

Seven and a half years later, Stewie is now a second-grader. However, Brian, who now goes by "BRI-N", is bummed out that nobody can date a robot, and therefore, he can't have puppies. BRI-N requests that Stewie build him a son, and name him VIN-E (pronounced "Vinny"). With the process complete, VIN-E is "born", and BRI-N is very happy that he has a son, even if he's just a robot.

In the present, Stewie, now "Stu" is aged sixteen years old, and ready to begin a quest with his dogs and two mysterious figures: a treasure hunt.

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