When a group of villains arrive on Earth in hopes of turning it into an Empire for them and a place where humans and Bakugan would battle for their own amusement. Now, six Brawlers have to team up to take on the Hokkaido Knights.


  • Carly Carmicle: The Neo Brawlers' leader, she is a Haos Brawler. Uses a Haos Tentaclear as her Guardian, a Haos Baliton as her Trap, and a Haos El Condor as support.
  • Kai Sukizo: The brains, he is somewhat of a goof-up, and uses Aquos Bakugan. His Guardian is an Aquos Robotallion, his Trap is an Aquos , and for support he uses an Aquos Siege.
  • Gale: A mystery kid that doesn't know his past, he uses Ventus Bakugan. He appeared on Earth the same time as the Knights, with Shun Kazami's old Ingram as his Guardian, Hylash as his Trap, and a Ventus Ravenoid for support.
  • Dimitri: A sarcastic but genius strategist that uses Darkus Bakugan. His Guardian is a Darkus Percival, A Darkus for a Trap, and for support he uses a Centipoid.

  • Hokkaido Knights: A team of six different Brawlers dressed in armor that want to rule Earth.
    • Blazer: The leader, he dresses in red armor and uses Pyrus Bakugan. His first Guardian is a demonic Hyper Dragonoid, his second one is a Helios, his Trap is Metalfencer, and his support is a
    • Necross: The second-in-command, he is sadistic and uses special equipment to torture Bakugan. Uses a Darkus Hydranoid as his Guardian, his Trap is Falcon Fly, and his support is Reaper.
    • Typhoon: An Aquos Brawler who uses machines and trickery to beat opponents. His Guardian is a , his Trap is a, and his support is a Fear Ripper.
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