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When Eiji's parents are killed, he takes his father's giant transforming vehicle (BanBanBan) and sets out on a quest to become the greatest BanBanBan pilot in the world!


  • Eiji Shūren Our orphaned protagonist. Best friends with Daigo. Pilots Drillban.
  • Daigo Kijūki Eiji's best friend. Enjoys listening to rap music from America. Pilots Craneban.
  • Kaishi Kijūki Daigo's older sister. Eiji has a crush on her. Pilots Craneban on occasion when Daigo cannot make it.
  • Hyō Jairo An alien from planet Jin who was taken away from his family at a young age and made into a slave. Pilots Gyroban.
  • Gattai Children A "team" of three siblings that resembles a Super Sentai. Originally were on King Mugen'ō's side, but turned to good later in the series. Together they pilot Roboban, a Super Sentai-esque giant robot that combines from their individual BanBanBans.
    • Daimon Gattai The oldest of three siblings. Sees himself as "the leader of his team." Pilots Ambulanceban. Wears a gold costume.
    • Tsubasa Gattai The middle child of the Gattai siblings. Looks up to Daimon. Pilots PoliceCarban. Wears a silver costume.
    • Aoki Gattai The youngest Gattai child and the only girl. Extremely devoted to her BanBanBan. Pilots FireTruckban. Wears a bronze costume.
  • King Mugen'ō The archvillain of the series. Wanted in 12 galaxies for mass murder (including that of Eiji's parents).
  • Mugen Hakkyokuken Noroshi Mugen'ō's assistant. Hates everything to do with humankind (which is why he talks like Invader Zim). Pilots Rocketban.


  • "Shūren" means "drill" in Japanese.
  • "Kijūki" means "crane" in Japanese.
  • "Jairo" means "gyro" in Japanese.
  • "Gattai" means "combination" in Japanese.
  • "Mugen'ō" means "Infinity King" in Japanese.
  • "Hakkyokuken" is the Japanese version of Bajiquan, a Chinese martial art meaning "Eight Extremes Fist".
  • "Noroshi" means "rocket" in Japanese.

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