A DVD of unseen episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the unseen crossovers, that is!

Episodes on DVD

These are the episodes you will see.

DVD# Title Hero teamed up with:
001 The Mark of Tennyson Ben, Gwen, and Kevin
For information, see this page.
002 Rise of Johnny X Johnny X and Super Dukey
Teaser: Batman assists Blue Beetle in taking down Marvin the Martian and his invasion.
Main plot: Despite Batman's declines, Johnny Test (as Johnny X) teams himself and Dukey (as Super Dukey) up with the Caped Crusader to defeat Mr. Freeze.
003 Webs of a Hero Spiderman
Teaser: Batman and Robin find themselves trying to save themselves from Joker's playhouse of doom.
Main plot: Doc Oc has been terrorizing Gotham, even proving a match for the Dark Knight. Batman and Spiderman team up to put the octo-freak to justice!
004 A Rock Hard Battle Roark and Byron
Teaser: Batman and his Lucario must stop Gorilla Grodd from ruling the Pokepark.
Main plot: Batman must help Byron and his son, Roark, get along. But when Moleman steals Byron's fossils to use as fuel, the two gym leaders must work together.

Disc 2

# Title Hero teamed up with:
005 Danger from Wildlife Chris and Martin Kratt
Teaser: Batman and B'Wana Beast must fight off Killer Moth's army of... uh... killer moths.
Main plot: The Kratt brothers are announcing a new exhibit featuring a large gorilla nicknamed Jumbo. The brothers get some help from Batman when they find out Jumbo is really Gorilla Grodd!
006 Heroes from Another Dimension The Loonatics
Teaser: Tech's dimensional transporter sends the Loonatics to Gotham City.
Main plot: The Loonatics meet Batman, who will help them get back to Acmetropolis. But things get rough when an old enemy of the Loonatics uses Tech's transporter to visit Gotham as well.
007 To Kill a Batman Ace the Bat-Hound

Batman's Lucario

Teaser: The Joker offers to give 50,000 dollars to the first person who can capture and possibly kill Batman.
Main plot: After the Joker makes the deal, Hunter J, Deadpool, and Babyface compete for him, so Batman gets a little help from his friends.
008 Rocketing to Justice Robin
Teaser: Bat-Mite shows a clip about Batman and Robin battling Two-Face.
Main plot: Team Rocket's Jessie, James, and Meowth are sent to Gotham City by Giovanni because of reports of the legendary Lugia seen there.