Battle Bladers Imperial Grand Millennium Trinity DxD Storm: Great Awakening of The True Successors of The Spiritual, Natural, Extraterrestrial & Supernatural Realms / Rise of The Absolute Strongest & Most Powerful Warriors in The Infinitely Vast Universe is a fan fictional alternate universal retelling of Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Team are the main heroines.

Princess Serena & Princess Harmonia are the current Rulers of The Silver Millennium.

The Silver Millennium was plunged into war by The Great Galaxy Wars between The Silver Alliance and The Predare Empire.

This is a mega multi-crossover story.

The Silver Millennium still exists, but has been reborn into the Platinum Millennium.

Rias Gremory is the descendant of The Queen of The Underworld & Mother of All Devils, Queen Lilith. is called The Princess of All Devils, Hell's Most Beautiful Female Devil, The Strongest Woman in The Underworld, The Ultimate Queen, The Crimson Darkness and The Crimson Shadow.

Medaka Kurokami is an Archangel class Fallen Angel, One of The Six Great Evil Gods of The Six True Fallen Angels. She is also The creator of The Dusk Paradise System. Medaka is called The Queen of Light & Darkness, Grigori's Ultimate Goddess, The Fallen Angel Goddess of Creation & Destruction.

Kagome Higurashi is the daughter of The Original God, She is an Archangel class Angel. She is said to be more powerful than her father. Kagome is called The Holy General, Heaven's Ace of Aces, The Saint of Divinity, Guardian of The Holy Light and The Strongest & Most Beautiful Woman in Heaven.


Sailor Team


Holy Knights

Justice League

Keyblade Warriors


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities

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