beavis and butthead are out in the middle of nowhere 1 day when beavis trips over a strange object , a dragon ball , the 4 star ball ! butthead gets the idea to take it back to higland and sell it , beavis is fascinated with this idea , but as they head down the road , they're nearly run over by a girl named bulma ! butthead forgives her , saying "uhhh hey baby uhuhuh come to butthead uhuhuh" then he contnues with "so uhh are we like gonna do it uhuhuh" bulma is disgusted at 1st , but then notices their dragon ball , and she asks them if she can have it , but then beavis explains that they're gonna sell it , but bulma , out of desperation , says she'll trade with them , she lifts her skirt , revealing her panties and offers to let them touch them if they giver her the dragon ball , beavis protests at 1st , but after some persuasion by butthead , he agrees , they all hold eachother's end of the bargain , and afterward , beavis says "hey butthead hehehehe we sort of scored hehehehe" and they walk off

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