Fan Fiction

Three typical average kids just loved to read their comic strips, wishing that on day they could be Big Bad BeetleBorgs!

On a dare, they went inside a haunted, spooky mansion. Just by chance, they freed a ghost, who made them Big Bad BeetleBorgs!
Ten years later, here they are, all grown up and married! Back in action, once again they're BeetleBorgs Excelsix!


Actor Character Title Symbol Rank Patterned after a...
Wesley Barker Drew McCormick Blue Alpha BeetleBorg A Team leader Rhinoceros beetle
Brittany Konarzewski Jo McCormick Red Beta BeetleBorg β Ladybug
Herbie Baez Roland Williams Green Gamma BeetleBorg Γ Second-in-command Stag beetle
Warren Berkow Josh Baldwin Silver Omega BeetleBorg Ω Hercules beetle

Also, when Trip and Van wish that they were BeetleBorgs too (for the 1,000,000th time), they actually get powers (for one episode only) as the Orange Qoppa BeetleBorg (modeled after a Colorado potato beetle) and the Purple Sampi BeetleBorg (modeled after a weevil).


The cause of the Borgs being called back into action is the return of the Mantrons. In the finale, they fight the BeetleBorgs and the AstralBorgs face to face.

Actor Character Rank Patterned after a...
Gregg Bullock Scorpix Team leader Scorpion
Lee Hondo Woodford Centipix Second-in-command Centipede
Ezra Weisz Mantix Praying mantis
Bob Johnson Hornix Hornet


The BattleBorgs are humanoid giant robots piloted by each BeetleBorg, sort of like the Rescue Zords from Power Rangers Turbo.

  • Ultra BattleBorg: BattleBorg Omega combined with Super BattleBorg. The most powerful BattleBorg in the series.
    • Super BattleBorg: The combined form of Andrew, Roland, and Jo's individual BattleBorgs. Has several features kitbashed together from various Power Rangers Megazords, including the Zeo Megazord's interchangeable helmets, Shogun Megafalconzord's armpit rockets, Lightspeed Megazord's extendable arms, and Storm Megazord's coin-operated ability to expel weapons from his chest.
      • BattleBorg Alpha: Andrew's BattleBorg. Transforms from a giant RV/robotic rhinoceros beetle hybrid. Forms the head and chest of Super BattleBorg.
      • BattleBorg Beta: Jo's BattleBorg. Transforms from a giant gyroplane/robotic ladybug hybrid. Forms the arms of Super BattleBorg.
      • BattleBorg Gamma: Roland's BattleBorg. Transforms from a giant tank/robotic stag beetle hybrid. Forms the legs of Super BattleBorg.
    • BattleBorg Omega: Josh's BattleBorg. Transforms from a giant armored car/robotic hercules beetle hybrid. Forms the helmet, breastplate, gloves, boots, and wings of Ultra BattleBorg.
  • Trip and Van's unnamed BattleBorg: A BattleBorg piloted by Trip and Van when they became BeetleBorgs.
    • BattleBorg Qoppa: Trip's BattleBorg. Transfroms from a giant minivan/robotic Colorado potato beetle hybrid. Forms the torso and arms of the unnamed BattleBorg.
    • BattleBorg Sampi: Van's BattleBorg. Transforms from a giant helicopter/robotic weevil hybrid. Forms the legs of the unnamed BattleBorg.
  • Ultra DestructoTron: A BattleBorg-like giant robot that the Mantrons get in the finale.
    • DestructoTron Upsilon: Scorpix's DestructoTron.
    • DestructoTron Phil: Centipidix's DestructoTron.
    • DestructoTron Chi: Mantix's DestructoTron.
    • DestructoTron Psi: Hornix's DestructoTron.