The alien Bellogan needed help. His home planet of Bellus was suffering from a famine. So Bellogan sent out a distress signal. The distress signal was answered by the Constitution-class Federation starship USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. The Enterprise arrived at Bellus. Captain Kirk put together a landing party consisting of himself, Dr. McCoy, Sulu, and Chekov and beamed down to the planet, leaving Spock in command. Kirk and the landing party met Bellogan and asked what was the problem. Bellogan replied that his people were suffering from a famine and that they needed food and supplies. Captain Kirk said “Don’t worry, Bellogan. We have food and supplies on the Enterprise!” So Kirk contacted the Enterprise and told Spock to beam down the food and supplies to the Bellusians. Spock obliged and beamed down the food and supplies to the Bellusians. Bellogan was very grateful to Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew for ending the famine on Bellus.

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