“Follow the Giz. He's where the {???} is!”
—Bernard's catchphrase in all of the "Brendam" movies.

“You making the eyes on the old Giz fizz.”
—Bernard after the Guardians of Brendam become frustrated, mad, or worried.

“The Giz has lost his fizz.”
—Bernard when he is tired out or glum

Bernard (also known as The Giz) is the main protagonist of Brendam and Brendam 2, the tritagonist of Brendam: Return of the Jedi, the deuteragonist of Brendam: Collision Course, a major character in Brendam: There and Back Again, and a posthumous major character in Brendam: The Rise of Bernard. He is Olivia's husband, the Jedi of Brendam, Lovelace's apprentice, Kylee's mentor, and the third leader of the Guardians of Brendam. He is a number one fan to The Great Gearhuna.



  • He refers himself as "The Giz".
  • He refers frowning as "Smiles Wrong Side Down".
  • He refers upside down as "Right Side Round".
  • Some fans think Bernard is a supporting character in Brendam: There and Back Again.
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