Bio Armor Genesis Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon Supreme Xi Cybernetic Supernatural Mega Burst Royal Superior Kindred Millennium Zero Limit Storm: True Heirs of The Solar System & Legacy of The Supreme King & The Divine Beast God Emperors is a fan fictional series remake of Sailor Moon with major changes to the anime.

This is a multi-crossover series.

The Neo Soldiers are the true heirs of the Solar System during The Age of The Silver Millennium, Kagome Higrurashi is Serena's older sister & leader of The Infinity Scouts.

Major Motoko Kusanagi is the Neo Soldier of the planet, Charon; Neo Sailor Charon.

Galaxia does not have Chaos inside her soul, making her evil.

The Infinity Scouts & The Neo Soldiers are the main heroines of the anime.

The crossovers start after Neo Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars.



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Deity Sailors

Celestial Sailors

Legendary Sailors / Original Founders of Sailor Soldier Universe



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