Fan Fiction

Episode 29 of Nightwing & Batgirl.


At Paran Dul's ship, she is talking to Blackfire, Gentleman Ghost, and Golden Eagle.

"You three, are off to dispatch Hawkgirl so we can enjoy our lives and have our wish of capturing our enemy and torturing her, fulfilled", Paran Dul told them.

"We thank you for this opportunity. We will take this and do our best in following your command", Blackfire said.

Now, they went out of the ship, in outer space, to fly to Earth. They brought with them a horde of Gordanians in a Gordanian ship. They later came across Jump City, where the Teen Titans reside. On an open area, the villains saw someone. An orange-skinned redhead. Blackfire was delighted.

"It's a Tamaranean as well. And it's my sister.", Blackfire told Gentleman Ghost and Golden Eagle.

Starfire turned around, looked at the sky, and gasped as she saw a familiar looking ship.

"Huh?", she said. "No way! It's a Gordanian ship! I gotta go tell the Titans about this!"

Starfire flew. However the villains jumped down the ship and flew. Starfire met them and was surprised.

"Going to your friends, huh?", Blackfire asked. "No way, sister. No way you're walking away from this little sibling reunion."

"Why have you come back to Earth?", Starfire asked.

"None of your business!", Blackfire answered, as she shot her down with her energy bolt.

"Ahh!", Starfire screamed, as she fell to the ground.

She became enraged, and rose up and fought back.

"I suppose you're working for someone. Now tell me. Before things turn out badly for you.", Starfire asked.

"Oh, I always find it adorable when you're acting tough. When deep inside, you're still my little sister.", Blackfire replied.

"I am not your little anymore!", Starfire replied, as she shot her with several energy bolts.

"Attack her!", Blackfire commanded Gentleman Ghost and Golden Eagle.

Now, the Blackfire and the two other villains attacked Starfire altogether. Later, the Gordanians from the ship helped them. They aimed and fired lasers at Starfire. Later, one of those lasers struck Starfire down, and she fell unconscious.

Blackfire laughed and said, "Seems like these big dumb aliens are of use after all."

"Yes, they do.", Gentleman Ghost agreed.

"Now, bring her and let's head back to the ship.", Blackfire commanded the two villains.

Now, the three villains headed back to the Gordanian ship, bringing Starfire with them.

They went to Pennsylvania. Hawkgirl, is having some coffee at a coffee shop, when suddenly, she was shocked when she saw a horde of Gordanians attacking people. She immediately called for Nightwing, Batgirl, and Hawkman using her communicator, and asked their help. The three said they will get there right away. Now, Hawkgirl hit those Gordanians with her mace. After a while, help finally came. Nightwing, Batgirl, and Hawkman helped her take down the Gordanians. But suddenly, a magic blast knocked her down unconscious. She was shocked to see Blackfire.

"You!! You came back!!", Hawkgirl said falling down unconscious.

Nightwing, Batgirl, and Hawkman went to approach her, then the Gordanians knocked them down unconscious. The three villains, along with their army, brought them to Gentleman Ghost's hideout. The four heroes later woke up, pinned to a wall with metal straps. They are struggling to break free, but everytime they try, they are getting electrocuted.

"Tell me, why are you doing this?", Batgirl asked.

"Who is she, anyway?", Nightwing asked.

"She is Blackfire. My greatest enemy during Rann-Thanagar wars. She was the craziest villainess I've ever faced.", Hawkgirl responded.

"Rann. Wait, isn't that Starfire's planet?", Nightwing asked again.

"Isn't Blackfire her sister?", Batgirl asked.

"Yes. Both of you are right,but Starfire's no longer relevant.She has ditched planet Rann and is nowhere to be found until now", Hawkgirl answered them. "What if I tell you, you're wrong?! I got her captured, right here", Blackfire told them.

Gentleman Ghost opened a room and showed Starfire in a containment field.

"Let me go!", Starfire screams.

"No way! How did you...", Nightwing asked.

"We were on our way to capture you two, Hawkman and Hawkgirl.", Blackfire said, looking at them. "But my little sister decided to be a nuisance and stood in my way, so big sister taught her a lesson.", she explained.

"No! You're a monster! How could you do that to your sister?", Nightwing asked Blackfire, enraged.

"Sorry not sorry", Blackfire responded.

Starfire later regained consciousness and was shocked that she was placed in a containment field. She did not like what her sister did to her. She was enraged and then the containment field exploded. She shot down Gentleman Ghost, Golden Eagle, and Blackfire with her magic bolts. She then freed the four others. They now went downstairs to escape, but they got surrounded by Gordanians. They fought and defeated those. But, Blackfire, Gentleman Ghost, and Golden Eagle are not yet done. They had their one last attack. At first, the villains had the upper hand, but later, the five heroes were able to rise up and take them down. The heroes now finally defeated them, but Starfire falls down unconscious.

"Starfire, are you alright?", Nightwing asked as she held her shoulders.

"I need rest", she answered.

In the headquarters, Starfire slept on Nightwing's bed.

"Hey Nightwing and Batgirl, would you mind if we stay here overnight?", Hawkman asked.

"Oh boy",Nightwing said.

Meanwhile, Paran Dul facepalms. She is disappointed that the three villains she hired have failed.

"I'm sick of having other do the dirty work for me. I want to get things done by myself this time.",she said.



  • Nightwing
  • Batgirl
  • Hawkgirl
  • Hawkman
  • Starfire


  • Paran Dul-a Thanagarian rival of Hawkgirl, bent on defeating her and becoming queen of Thanagar.
  • Gordanians-alien race who are enemies of Thanagarians(Hawkgirl and Hawkman's species) and Tamaraneans(Starfire's species).
  • Blackfire-evil sister of Starfire.
  • Gentleman Ghost-spirit a 19th century gentleman thief Jim Craddock who returned to commit more crimes.
  • Golden Eagle-a Thanagarian traitor who allied with Paran Dul.