Blackpaw is a fictional Dracovol from the fanfiction series, A Sharptooth's Heart belonging to A Sharptooth's Heart creator, Sora W.T.K..

Physical description

Blackpaw is a grey adult Dracovol with black skin from his neck down his chest, stomach and underside of his tail. His humanoid paws are black and show are his wings.

His eyes are a pair of brown.


Like his childhood friend, Zarek, Blackpaw is a tough yet gentle creature who makes choices with a level-headed mind. While he's as brave and tough as Zarek, Blackpaw enjoys a more laid-back lifestyle. He takes his role of the pack seriously though, and does not tolerate any wrongdoing in the pack.

Despite it all, Blackpaw as a heart of gold, and he looks up at Zarek like the big brother he never had.


Blackpaw grew up together along with Zarek, both of them became the best of friends during their cub and teen days. He was like a friendly rival to Zarek, at first competing for a lot of things but as time passed they became inseperable as best friends.

When Zarek moved on to find a mate, Blackpaw stayed behind. He felt he had fallen behind and grown weaker than Zarek due to the laid-back lifestyle he had as a teen, and not wanting to be outdone by his best friend he spent the next year and a half training, developing his instincts and strength. He surprised Zarek at how strong he grew up in almost two years, and now they're both at par.

Currently Blackpaw is Zarek's most trusted right-hand man. He serves as a guard to the valley and patrols the air every now and then while helping Zarek with his leader decisions. But despite his busy life, he still finds time for that laid-back lifestyle he's grown to love.