Bleach: Return of The True Soul King & The Dawn of A New Age for All Dimensions is a retelling of Bleach.

Ichigo Kurosaki is the incarnation of The True Soul King; The King and Ruler of The Soul Society.

This story will feature major atlerations of the mangaand anime.

Ichigo will a huge personality chnage: he ismore logical, cool headed and not brash at all.

Ichigo wields The True Zangetsu from the beginning.

Ichigo will also learn new abilities like Bankai Nijun, Shukai and Zenkai.

Ichigo will unlock and realize his vast potential at adifferent pace the canon.

The True Soul King was the one who fought alongside Head Captain Yamamoto against Juhabach and The True King was the one who killed him during The Blood War fromlong ago.


Ichigo Kurosaki thought he was an ordinary human with the ability to see ghosts. Until he met a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki and gained her powers. He will son discover that he is more that close to The Supernatural than ever because he is The incarnationof The True Soul King and he has claim his throne and defend the realm his past life has created from those who wish to destroy it.

Karakura Town Guardians

Soul Society



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