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Fan Fiction

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon is usually an angry dragon owned by Seto Kaiba. Although the duel monsters card is powerful in its own right, the actual monster spirit is incredibly powerful, being one of the most powerful monsters in the Yugioh Universe, even rivaling that of the Egyptian Gods Obelisk the Tormentor and Slifer the Sky Dragon.

ATK: 3000

DEF: 2500

Ikran's F-Zero timeline

Shortly after the events of Pyramid of Light, Yugi was somehow able to borrow Kaiba's Dragons. They were first used as Yugi was summoning them against Deathborn to assist Falcon, merging them into the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and preserving its essence as the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon! Yugi was just about to unleash its Shiny Nova, though Falcon won just by a measly hair! Tinsel used a Blue Eyes too against the Creator Ghosts, but she was trapped within its Card! Luckily, by beating them, Falcon was able to save her!

Again, Yugi repeated the process on merging all 3 into Ultimate, then sacrifice it as Shiny Dragon, at Dark Star's Reactor Core. With Joey's Black Skull Dragon, they unleashed their Shadow Flare and Shiny Nova onto the Core disabling it and allowing Rick to destroy it, resulting in Deathborn's demise and Falcon's sacrifice.