In the Taylor house, Olivia Flaversham, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Prince Eric, Ariel, Montana Max, Bill the Lizard, Maxwell "Max"/"Snakes" Henshaw, John "Red" Robertson, and Iago were eating pizza and drinking Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and milk.

Olivia and Donald had pepperoni pizza. Mickey had mushroom pizza. Eric had sausage, olive, and onion pizza. Ariel had clams casino pizza. Montana had cheese pizza. Iago had sausage and olive pizza. Bill had barbecue chicken pizza. Snakes had pepperoni, mushroom, and olive pizza, and Red had shrimp pizza.

As Bonnie Rockwaller was walking into the dining room, Ariel said, "Grab yourself a napkin. And you're going to have to pour your own drinks."

"Uncle Bill, does Santa Claus have to go through customs?" asked Olivia.

"What time do we have to go to bed?" asked Donald.

"Early," said Bill. "We're leaving the house at 8 a.m. on the button."

"I hope you're all drinking milk. Because I wanna get rid of it." said Ariel.

As Mickey was about to feed his pizza slice to Iago, Ariel stopped him.

"Hey, don't!"

Mickey obeyed her.

"All right. The pizza boy needs $122.50, plus tip." said Eric.

"For pizza?" asked Ariel.

"Ten pizzas times twelve bucks." said Eric, as Bonnie looked for any pizza for herself.

"Bill, you've got the money, don't you?" Snakes asked Bill, "Come on."

"Traveler's check." said Bill.

"Forget it, Bill," said Ariel. "We have cash."

"Did anyone order me a plain cheese?" asked Bonnie.

"Oh yeah, we did," said Montana. "If you want any, somebody's gonna have to barf it all up. 'Cause it's gone!"

Bonnie glared at her younger brother disapprovingly.

Donald was drinking a can of Pepsi.

"Donald!" said Red, "Go easy on the Pepsi!"

Donald stopped drinking his Pepsi and smiled at his older sister.

Bonnie was expecting Montana to barf up his cheese pizza. Finally, the unexpected arrived!

"Get a plate!" Montana pretended to barf.

In a fit of rage, Bonnie ran into her brother's stomach and punched it in order to make the cheese pizza come out. Montana was knocked back into the glasses, and they spilled milk all over the table. Olivia, Mickey, Eric, Ariel, Iago, Bill, Snakes, and Red saw the whole thing.

"Wow!" said Donald, as he got up from his seat and watched Montana and Bonnie fight.

Red was pouring himself a glass of Pepsi when he saw the passports to Paris, France, about to get wet.

"Passports!" cried Red, as he stopped what he was doing and dropped his bottle, sending the drink to spill out. Ariel knocked her chair into Donald, squeezing him.

"Help me out here!" said Snakes, as he, Bill, and Red grabbed some napkins to wipe up the spilled milk.

"Stop it! Stop it!" cried Eric.

"Let's get these passports out of here." said Red, as he wiped up the spills.

"Bonnie, get off of him!" commanded Eric.

"You moron!" Bonnie shouted, as the wet napkins were thrown in the garbage.

Ariel got out of her chair, moved the chair forward, and picked up Donald, who was crying.

"Are you OK, honey? Come here," said Ariel, as she patted Donald's stomach. "Are you all right?"

"Stop, stop, stop!" cried Eric, as he separated Bonnie and Montana and clutched Bonnie's arm angrily. "What is the matter with you?!" he shouted.

"He started it!" yelled Bonnie, "He ate my pizza on purpose! He knows I hate sausage, and olives, and onions,..."

"Look what you did, you little jerk!" yelled Red, after wiping the spilled liquid from his pants.

Bonnie was stunned to see her parents, her brothers, except Donald, her sister, her pet parrot, and her three uncles mad at her. They were looking none too happy with her behavior.

"Well, Bonnie," said Ariel. "Now you've done it."

"Bonnie, get upstairs! Right now!" Eric scolded.

"Why?" asked Bonnie angrily.

"Bonnie, you're such a disease!" Mickey told her.

"I am not!" Bonnie argued.

Upon hearing this, Mickey started to cry as Olivia comforted her big brother. Then she looked at Bonnie angrily and chided, "How dare you say that to my brother like that?! You made him cry!"

"For shame, Bonnie!" Eric scolded. "For shame!”"

Bonnie gasped in fear, looking at Mickey, who was crying his eyes out. "I didn't mean to make Mickey cry. I'm sorry!"

"Bonnie, upstairs!" Ariel ordered, "That means no 20th Century Fox movies for the rest of your life! And no "Anastasia" forever!"

"But Mom and Dad, I love "Anastasia"." said Bonnie.

"We don't care anymore!" yelled Eric, "Go to bed now! You're not going to the mall with your friends tomorrow!"

Bonnie became very angry. She glared angrily at Olivia, Eric, Ariel, Iago, Bill, Snakes, and Red and yelled, "You all are as evil as Dr. Drakken and Shego!" She then went to her room in tears, where her real mother, Mrs. Rockwaller, and her sisters, Connie and Lonnie Rockwaller, are waiting for her.

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