“I'm just not the hero type. Clearly. With this laundry list of character defects, all the mistakes I've made, largely public."
"Just stick to the cards, man."
"Yeah, okay. Yeah. The truth is... I am the Giz.”
Bernard and Olivia

Brendam is a 2015 romantic comedy-drama adventure film released in October 13, 2015. It stars Tim AllenGinnifer GoodwinBill HaderJordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key. It's a reboot of Brendam.

Brendam 2 and Brendam: Return of the Jedi, the film's prequels, are released in 2019 and 2021. A midquel, Brendam: Collision Course, will be released in 2024. A sequel, Brendam: There and Back Again will be released in 2028. It is set during the Civil War of Brendam. It’s animated series spin off based on the movie is titled Brendam. There is a musical called Brendam: The Musical. There is a remaster of the original film, the first prequel, and the midquel called Brendam Reborn. It has a video game based on the films called Brendam.


Bernard is a man who lives in the town of Brendam. He loves his girlfriend Olivia. He leads a team called the Guardians of Brendam. One day, the Guardians go to visit Robespierre, the russian-accented captain of Brendam's guards and an assassin to Chancellor Palpatine Snoke, the leader of Brendam's enemy, the dangerous Sith. Robespierre tries to kill the Guardians, but they escape. The next morning, the first born of the Guardians, Lovelace, holds a meeting with the Guardians and explains that Snoke will attack.

Bernard teams up with Lovelace, Toto, a stereotypical dumb man, Joe, a genius, Lovelace's pet monkey Diesel, and Olivia to stop Snoke. Bernard fights Snoke and shuts him down, revealing himself to be Bernard's best friend, Zig Zag, a fashion prince, and his brother, Eugene Clark. Zig Zag is revealed to be a scheming sorcerer with a secret weapon called Purple Gloop. He has a wife named Helga, a sports jock and an assistant named Iago, a gloomy gothic. Zig Zag had an evil plan to use the purple gloop to turn Brendam into his kingdom, ZigZagtropolis. He, Helga and Iago lock up Bernard, Olivia, Joe and Lovelace and kidnap Toto and take him to the stadium to make him their king.

That night, Bernard's arch-nemesis, all-powerful High Chancellor Karl Frankenstein, and his pet rabbit, Chauncey, help the Guardians escape and Eugene chases them. Bernard and the gang escape Eugene and the ravagers and made it to The Tipsy. They fight Zig Zag and Eugene. Zig Zag flees with Lovelace, Toto and Joe on a blimp (operated by Helga and Eugene). Bernard and Olivia take their car to pursuit Zig Zag. Helga falls in a river and drowns, along with Toto and Joe. Bernard and the Guardians are cornered by Zig Zag. However, Robespierre arrives and defeats Zig Zag and Eugene by pushing them in a river.

After that, an earthquake goes through the headquarters. Purple Gloop floods the headquarters. As Lovelace, the now-redeemed Iago, Karl, and Olivia try to figure out how to close the earthquake, Bernard suggests he and Karl travel into the future and make the Earthquake disappear. They stop the earthquake by placing the purple gloop in the future. As the Headquarters turns back to normal, the Sith disappears, Zig Zag and the purple gloop get out of the headquarters via water spout. Everything is back to normal. Toto and Joe survive from their death and Lovelace makes Bernard the Jedi Master of Brendam, much to Bernard's surprise. The Guardians and Karl celebrate in the bedroom.


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