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Brendam is a musical based on the Brendam franchise. The first act is based on Brendam 2 and the first half of Brendam: The Movie and the second act is based on Brendam: Bernard's Magical World and the second half of Brendam: The Movie. It has music by Karen O and Carter Burwell and the songs are written by Karen O and the Kids.


Act I:

1. Igloo (Prolouge) - Karen O and the Kids
2. Tender Shepard - Bernard and Smek
3. Mirror on the Wall - Carlos and the Mirror
4. Run, Bernard, Run - Carlos
5. Sailing - Karen O and Carter Burwell
6. Heigh Ho - The Guardians of Brendam
7. Best Friends (Hans Zimmer) - Rewritten by Karen O and Carter Burwell (while Bernard meets the Guardians)
8. Mirror on the Wall (Reprise) - Carlos and the Mirror
9. You Gotta Love It - Prince John
10. When the Going Gets Tough - Carlos and Smek
11. Friends - Blake Shelton

Act II:

1. Entr'acte - Orchestra
2. I Like to Move It, Move It - Lovelace
3. Rumpus - Karen O and the Kids
4. Wilderness Explorer Chant - Kylee
5. It's All About Me - Doppleganger Zig Zag
6. Ernest's Story - Ernest, Bernard and Olivia
7. Sailing Home - Karen O and the Kids
8. One Last Stand - Bernard, Pepe and the Guardians of Brendam
9. Zig Zag's Story - Zig Zag
10. All is Love - Olivia, Karen O and the Kids
11. Best Day Ever - Bernard
12. Finale - Bernard, Olivia, Lovelace and Company
13. Hooked On A Feeling (Bows) - Blue Swede


  • Taye Diggs - Bernard (a member (later the leader) of the Guardians)
  • Idina Menzel - Olivia (a member of the Guardians)
  • J. K. Simmons - Zig Zag (Lovelace's grand vizer who is secretly the devil in disguise)
  • Alec Baldwin - Lovelace (the ruler of Brendam and the former leader of the Guardians)
  • Robert Lopez - Toto
  • T. J. Miller - Joe
  • Danny DeVito - Carlos Carlos
  • Brad Oscar - Ernest of the Cross
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda - Pepe
  • James Cromwell - Smek
  • Tyler James Williams - Prince John
  • Kirsten Scott - Helga
  • Greg Hildreth - Iago

Costume Designs

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