Hanna-Barbera's Brendam is a 1995 animated dark fantasy film. It stars Robin WilliamsBud LuckeyDebbie ReynoldsTim Pigott-SmithBurt ReynoldsJohn HurtMickey RooneyGeorge Carlin​​​​​​, Bob Hoskins, Arte JohnsonLeonard Nimoy​​​​​​, Christopher Lee​​​​​​, and Don Rickles.


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  • Filming took place in December 1992.
  • The whole cast and crew dies but their film is released.
  • A 10th anniversary edition is released in 2003 with the Narrator's voice dubbed throughout by Corey Burton in his Ludwig Von Drake voice. Burton redubs the prolouge and epilouge. Burton is uncredited, but his voice is heard throughout the movie.
  • The film is dedicated "in loving meomory for Howard Ashman and for Mel Blanc".


The music is written by James Horner and the lyrics are written by Howard Ashman on February 1991, shortly before his death. The film is dedicated to the latter.

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