Brian and Vinny: A Multiversal Adventure

by LDEJRuff

Chapter 4 - Two Heads

The two dogs transported to what appears to be their home universe.

"Hey," Vinny said, looking around. "This looks like our home."

Vinny made his way to the front door.

"Wait, Vinny," Brian reminded. "There's something I need to let you know."

"What?" Vinny said, opening the door. When he did, he saw another Brian sitting on the couch. Could the dogs be in another universe?

"Brian?" Vinny heard his voice call. "Brian?"

For some strange reason, the second call sounded more depressing.

"Yes, Vinny?" this Brian called back. "Yes, Vinny?"

Like the other Vinny, the second time sounded more depressing.

"What the heck?" Vinny said, quietly. "This ain't our universe."

"I tried to tell you," Brian replied, walking to the welcome mat.

"Tell me what?" Vinny asked.

"You want to play ball outside?" this universe's Vinny asked, normally. "Because it ain't fun playin' indoors," this time, depressing.

"Sure thing, Vinny," this universe's Brian replied, glad.

At that moment, he lowered the newspaper to show another head right next to his.

"As long as it isn't going to rain outside," the second head said, depressed.

Vinny gasped in shock. "What the heck's goin' on here?" he asked quietly.

Brian answered, "This is a universe where everyone is born with two heads: one head is happy while the other's depressed. I've been to this universe before."

"Oh," Vinny said, disappointed.

They saw their counterparts when Vinny's came into the living room.

"Hey, Brian," the happy Vinny began, "where's Stewie? Can't play ball without him."

"He ain't in his room," the sad Vinny added.

"He's playing in the corner with his blocks," the happy Brian answered.

"All by himself," the sad Brian added.

This universe's Stewie was indeed playing with his blocks. The message he put together was "I love you".

"Well, here's a message for my self love," the happy Stewie said.

"Can you make it more exciting than that?" the sad Stewie asked.

"Oh, crap, this is too freaky," Vinny said.

"Don't worry, Vinny," Brian replied. "It will be okay in the next universe, and I'm getting kinda hungry anyway."

"Yeah," Vinny agreed, "me, too."

Brian pressed the button that transported them out of this universe.

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