This article shows beliefs of the romantic relationship between Stacy and Brock.

Hollywood World

Despicable Us

Stacy sings a love song to Brock (hoping this will snap him out of suddenly becoming villainous) when he was knocked unconscious by Grasy's energy ball.

Take Me and My Breath Away

After Brock gets hit by Croagunk's Poison Jab, Izzy says, "Geez, better not tell Stacy" (fans say this is because she will get jealous if Izzy told her).

The Pokémon battle of a lifetime

Stacy felt bad after Brock lost against Lilly.

Once Tried

After Stacy trips and hurts her ankle, Brock happily helps her get to the finish line.

Travel to Sinnoh

Stacy and Brock sit next to each other on the plane. Also, when the egg hatches, he congratulates her. Then, Stacy whispers to Candace about her feelings for Brock, making her giggle. At last, in Winners! Stacy and Brock dance together.


After Brock crosses the finish line, he worries that he didn't make it with Stacy, until she tells him that she didn't make it, either.


Brock tries to pull a prank on Barry after Stacy breaks her arm.

Total Cartoon Teams

TCT Aftermath 1

After Ash spills the beans about Stacy and Brock's relationship, they both get embarassed.

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