Brookside children's home was a care home for children in Pottiswood, Newcastle upon Tyne. It is the care home in which Series 4 of Tracy Beaker Returns is based. until. It is the successor to Elmtree House, and the predecessor to Ashdene Ridge.

Just like Elmtree House and all other care homes prior to, (excluding Ashdene Ridge), all the children and adults who lived and/or worked there have left, and it is unknown as to what condition the building is in now.


In Summer 2012, Frank, Liam, Toni, Billie, Anne, Ryan, Chloe, Leo, Holly & Amy move to Brookside after leaving Elmtree House. Peggy, T.J and Trixy - feisty, rebellious siblings - move to Brookside on the same day as the other residents & terrorized them. They constantly put Ron’s job at risk and tried to get Brookside closed down. A wild boy named Wolfie moves in to Brookside & refuses to go inside & prefers outdoors.

Gina leaves after being offed a higher paying job to help with her mother's dementia, at the same time as Anne leaves for a running academy and Liam and Frank leave for their new apartments, and there is a party for the four of them. After this, Ashdene Ridge replaces Brookside.


Head Care Workers

  • Ron Harpney (Episode 71 - Episodes 96)
  • Constance Carlton (Episode 87)

Care Workers

  • Gina Conway (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Jessica
  • Francis


  • Gina Conway

Social Workers

  • Hattie Blison (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Grace Blison (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Kez


  • Frank Matthews (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Liam O'Donovan (Episode 71 - Episode 96)
  • Ryan Reeves (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Anne Honary (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Chloe Reeves (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Amy Rose (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Leo Long (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey)
  • Toni Trent (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey))
  • Billie Trent (Episode 71 - Parties with Pudsey))
  • Holly Wang (Episode 71 - Episode 80, Parties with Pudsey)
  • Peggy Carter (Episode 71 - Episode 96)
  • T.J Carter (Episode 71 - Episode 96)
  • Trixy Carter (Episode 71 - Episode 96)
  • Wolfie (Episode 89 - Episode 96)
  • Lee Price (Parties with Pudsey)
  • Amelia Beaker (Dream Only)


  • Frank and Liam's bedroom
  • Ryan’s bedroom
  • Chloe's bedroom
  • Leo’s bedroom
  • Amy and Holly’s bedroom
  • Toni and Billie’s bedroom
  • Anne’s bedroom
  • Peggy and Trixy’s bedroom
  • T.J’s bedroom
  • Main Office
  • First Floor Toilet
  • Lounge Room
  • Kitchen
  • Garden
  • Playground Shelter
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