It is a group of villains who wants Teen Titans and Doom Patrol destroyed.

In Homecoming- Part 1,the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy battled the four members.But,the quantum generator was activated.Mento told Beast Boy to destroy the generator but instead,he saved his teammates.Negative Man destroys the quantum generator and Beast Boy gets scolded.Later,Beast Boy calls for help from the Teen Titans because his teammates are lost.They searched in the forest.After finding all the teammates,Beast Boy goes with the Doom Patrol now.

In Homecoming- Part 2,the Teen Titans and Doom Patrol battled General Immortus's Robots,General Immortus,Madame Rouge,Monsieur Mallah and Brain.The heroes later went outside their hideout and the hideout got sucked up by the black hole.Later,the Brotherhood somehow got another base,where Brain shows his recruits.

In Trust,Madame Rouge is sent by Brain to capture Wildebeest.Later,she tried to capture Hot Spot and succeeded.

In For Real,Control Freak hunts the Titans East but he failed.

In Kole,Dr. Light was sent to hunt Kole and Gnarkk but he failed.

In Hide and Seek,Monsieur Mallah failed to capture Melvin,Teether,Timmy Tantrum,and Bobby.

In Lightspeed,the H.I.V.E. Five was sent to capture Kid Flash,then after they fail,Madame Rouge tried to capture him herself but Jinx saved him.

In Revved Up,Ding Dong Daddy steals Robin's suitcase,but,he challenges the Teen Titans on a race.Other villains joined the race such as Gizmo,Mumbo,Control Freak,Kitten,Fang,Johnny Rancid,Puppet King,Mad Mod,Red X,and Adonis.

In Calling All Titans,the Brotherhood succeeded in capturing the whole Teen Titans,and when Robin was captured,Brain remarked,"I had captured the king.Your pawns could not save you.You have lost".

In Titans Together,Beast Boy,Jericho,Mas,Pantha,and Herald brawled the Brotherhood in an attempt to save the frozen heroes.When Madame Rouge was about to beat Beast Boy,Cyborg,Kole,Gnarkk,Starfire,Red Star,Argent,Raven,Teether,Bobby,Melvin,and Timmy Tantrum appeared.Titans Together!Mas and Menos freed the other frozen Titans and in the end,Brain was frozen by Beast Boy.Later,all the Titans went to a bank to stop Dr. Light.

Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World

The Brotherhood of Evil appear in Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World where they are members of the Guild of Super Evil. They later leave the Guild and are replaced by Trigon.

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