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Bubblegum Avatar is a self-insertion fanfiction set in the universe of the Bubblegum Crisis anime. Currently it covers only the first two episodes, although it does so in remarkable detail. There is also a spinoff fanfiction, Three Knights, that crosses Bubblegum Avatar with Bubblegum Zone and Bubblegum Crisis: The Next Generation.

The story is set in the same meta-continuity as Bubblegum Zone and posits that when Largo was shot off the top of GENOM tower he was rescued by the Black Guardian, who sent him to a parallel but slightly earlier BGC universe to act as the Guardian's agent in his continuing conflict with the White Guardian. In response the White Guardian drafts an unwilling Craig A. Reed, the author's avatar, to join the Knight Sabers.

Contrary to many self-insertions, the Knight Sabers are well aware of Craig's reasons for being there since the White Guardian openly paid them to include him in the team and also delivered copies of the anime to them. Craig trains to fill a fire support role in the team and by the end of the first episode is an effective part of the team, but he has also antagonised Brian J. Mason who is aiding Largo.

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