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Buffy Anne Summers is a Slayer active in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Born in 1981, she was activated as the Slayer in 1996 at the age of fifteen. Initially based in Los Angeles, she later moved to Sunnydale where she acted as guardian of the Hellmouth for seven years before the town's destruction in 2003. Buffy is unique as a Slayer in many ways; she refuses to sacrifice her ordinary life for her supernatural destiny, often operates as part of a team with her friends the "Scooby Gang", and has maintained several romantic relationships, two of which were with notorious vampires Angel and Spike. Buffy is one of the longest-lived Slayers, and has returned from the dead not once but twice, an event which disrupted the traditional Slayer line. She later abolished the line completely with her plan to activate all the world's Potential Slayers, and is now dedicated to training the young Slayers she was responsible for creating.

In Fan-Fiction

Slayer Advance & Darkness Conspires

Buffy appears in User:United Planets' fan-fictions Slayer Advance Season 1 through Slayer Advance Season 8 and Slayer DC Season 1 through Slayer DC Season 5. Her role becomes less frequent following her real life announcement that Sarah Michelle Gellar would no longer play as Buffy Summers. In the storyline, Buffy lives in Los Angeles with Angel and provides aid there and on some occasions visits New York. In Slayer: Darkness Conspires, Buffy becomes a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Total Drama Cartoon

Her Total Drama Cartoon debut was A Late Night Bite, trying to kill Kaylie until she found out that Bites was the culprit.

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