• Hero Harem: Izumi Midoriya, Katsumi Bakugo, Shoko Todoroki, and Neikita Monoma.
  • Villain/Bully Harem: Ikuru Midoriya, Kokoro Todoroki, Shioka Bakugo, Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, Himiko Toga, Camie Utsushimi, Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro, Mei Hatsume, Nejire Hado, Mina Ashido, Toru Hagakure, Itsuka Kendo, Ibara Shiozaki, Setsuna Tokage, Pony Tsunotori, Yui Kodai, Reiko Yanagi, Kinoko Komori, and Melissa Shield.
  • Pro-Hero/Teacher Harem: Midnight, Mount Lady, and Miruko.


When a preteen boy returns back to his country, his former female bullies take a liking to him but start killing people who get in their way.

Prologue: Origins

(During his childhood, (Y/N) Midoriya was bullied by all the girls in his school but was protected by his friends Katsumi Bakugo and Shoko Todoroki. The teachers didn't do anything because they found him annoying. His older sister Izumi Midoriya was obsessive over him. He ignored the bullying until Katsumi took it too far.)

  • Ochaco: (smirking) "Just take a swan dive off the roof of the building and prey that you will be born with a quirk in the next life."

(They laughed at this evily but (Y/N) just smiled.)

  • (Y/N): (smiling) "Maybe I will if it makes you happy."

(They stopped laughing because they weren't really telling him to kill himself. He ran past them and locked them in the classroom. He went to the roof but they broke out of the classroom thanks to Izumi and they go to find (Y/N). However, he jumped off the roof of the building but survived because his quirk activated and he used it to float above the ground. After landing, he used his quirk to lift a bully's car up and then let go of it. He likes his quirk and names it Force but felt like a burden to his sister and left the country. He gave a note to the bullies that he doesn't hate them and apologies to them for being weak but assures them that Ochaco's advice worked and he got a quirk called the force. They were sad that he thinks he's at fault but are happy that he doesn't hate them and proud of him for unlocking his quirk. However, they were shocked that he's leaving Japan to train his quirk and hope to see him again. Deep down, they have feelings for him and declare to have him.)

  • All Girls (thought): (determined) 'I will have him.'

(However, they got hated by Izumi, Katsumi, and Shoko for encouraging the attempted suicide and told their families. The Midoriya's pressed charges against the school, the Bakugo's yelled at the parents for encouraging this, and the Todoroki's forbid them from ever being taught.)

Chapter 1: The Return

(5 years later, 12-year-old (Y/N) Midoriya returns home but is given lustful looks from girls. He also is reunited with Izumi, Katsumi, and Shoko, who have become hero students. He attends Class 1-A with them and their homeroom teacher is Midnight. (Y/N) was nervous about being around girls but they take it easy on him. He also was happy to see Neikita Monoma.)

  • Neikita: (smiling) "How're you doing, kiddo?"
  • (Y/N): (innocent) "I'm doing great."

(However, the female bullies have become villains and plan to take him for themselves. They have became yanderes and are killing anyone that gets in their way. The male members of their team have died in tragic accidents and they lost their male leader Izuku. Uraraka is in charge and they want (Y/N) because he's the only male survivor after they had killed the male teachers for ignoring his pain.)

  • Villain Girls (thought): (smirking) 'You'll be ours, our sweet Deku.'

(They started stalking him and always winking at him. They are also distant from family for allowing them to be brats. When he eats at a lunch table, they would sit with him and play with him. He didn't stop them and felt comfortable in their embrace. However, Katsuki got jealous and acted like a dick to him but the girls protected (Y/N) and kept on beating up the bullies. When he gets tired, they sing him a lullaby. However, Katsuki has been picking on him and won't stop, which made (Y/N) cry. He even claims that (Y/N) was only loved out of pity. Because of this, he started avoiding all girls and they started getting worried until they heard the problem. They were mad that Katsuki is being an asshole and hate that bully. They decide to kill Katsuki but first, they need to get him expelled. The hero girls were informed of what happened and comforted (Y/N) out of his depression. Nezu and the school expelled Katsuki for being a bully and the girls managed to kill him for his misdeeds. They always like cuddling with (Y/N) but things are about to go bad.)

Chapter 2: Friends become Enemies

((Y/N) is getting scared of the girls because they're treating him like property. Izumi, Shoko, Katsumi, and Neikita were getting worried because they've seen the girls forcing him to focus on them instead of other girls and they know about Katsuki's murder.)

  • Izumi: (worried) "We gotta do something about them."
  • Shoko: (also worried) "They are only treating him as a prize."
  • Katsumi: (also worried) "We need to let the teachers know."
  • Neikita: (also worried) "If we don't, they'll eventually end up hurting him."

(They then tell Midnight, Mount Lady, and Miruko about this and they were worried as well. They do indeed see the girls are creeping him out. They also see bruises on him and see Itsuka getting mad at him.)

  • Itsuka: (mad) "Have you been cheating on us?"
  • (Y/N): (crying) "No, I haven't."
  • Itsuka: (smirking) "Good boy, you're ours now."

(She evily laughs and (Y/N) is horrified by how much of a monster she is. Shoko freezes her and Izumi hugs him.)

  • Izumi: (worried) "Are you okay?"
  • (Y/N): (nodding) "Yeah, thanks."

(They see his bruises and were horrified to find scars on him. They glare at Itsuka, who was more worried about going to jail.)

  • Midnight: (angry) "Itsuka Kendo, you and the girls are under arrest for murder, domestic abuse, and sexual harassment."

(She is taken away but she gives a look at the scared (Y/N) and was saddened by his reaction. The girls were also arrested for also abusing him and they were saddened that he doesn't trust them. (Y/N) fell asleep in their arms but they were worried.)

  • Izumi: (worried) "Get him some therapy."

(They did give him therapy and he is feeling better but he still suffers from this. Meanwhile, the girls were saddened that he doesn't trust them but were still determined to get him.)

Chapter 3: Final Battle

(As (Y/N) recovers, he falls in love with the hero harem but is too nervous to tell them. However, Nine is attacking the world but (Y/N) is going to stop him. However, he's got 5 choices.)

All Endings

  • Happy Ending: On the mission, him and the hero harem fight against the enemies until they see Nine. He then pins down Nine and chooses to arrest him instead. However, Nine tries to attack but (Y/N) dodges and Nine is shot by a misfiring drone. The dying Nine believes that the people will believe anything. (Y/N) later confesses to his hero harem and they accept. He marries them and has kids named Kota and Eri.
  • Bad Ending: On the mission, they arrive at the site but only to find nothing. They angrily confront (Y/N), who admits to lying to them. He then gives the signal and the villains attack. They try to tell (Y/N) that he's choosing the wrong side but he kills them all. He then finds an injured Nine and tries to help him but is betrayed and stabbed by him. The commanding officer reveals himself as All-For-One and reveals that he's replacing (Y/N). The dying (Y/N) then curses himself for his foolishness and dies slowly in defeat and pain. The clone looks at his human self for a little bit before walking away to complete his missions. The world is then destroyed by the villains and they conquer it.
  • Neutral Ending: On the mission, they infiltrate Nine's base and fight his guards. Nine then wounds them and attacks Togata but (Y/N) throws a knife at Nine's head, killing him. They then had completed the mission but the villain harem had revealed that they all formed an alliance to have (Y/N). They then start dragging (Y/N) away and he can't fight back because of his injuries while Togata yells for him. In a jungle, (Y/N) is seen in a tent and on a bed, where the harem prepare to have children with him.
  • Best Ending: On the mission, he releases the villain harem and requests their help, which they agree with. They all infiltrate Nine's ship and fight his guards. They then injure him and hold him at knife point. Nine claims to have won because he's destroying their world but (Y/N) kills him by stabbing him under the head with a knife. To avoid being unfairly arrested, (Y/N) and his harem go into hyper space to live in the multiverse. In the multiverse, he has a big harem and a lot of children.
  • Worst Ending: On the mission, he betrays the heroes and joins the villains. He is betrayed by Nine but he manages to kill him for his betrayal. All-For-One then has (Y/N) turned into a copy of him. (Y/N) becomes the new All-For-One and Izumi is his queen but their human son Izuku vows to save them from themselves.
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