Bushoujo Senshi Neo Sailor Moon Intergalactic & Supernatural Majestic Infinity Celestial Aeon Zodiac Divine Universal Revolutionary Guardian Storm: Rise of The True Queen of The Moon Kingdom & The True Rulers of The Platinum Millennium is a fan fictional series based on Sailor Moon.

This is a remake / retelling of the anime series.

it is a crossover series with High School Evangelion DxD, Ghost In The Shell, Trasnformers, Bakugan Kingdom Hearts, Loonatics Unleashed, Digimon Fusion Kai, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Yu-Gi-Oh!, & more.

The Neo Soldiers are the true princesses of The Solar System, The canon Sailor Scouts are from noble families.

Serena was sent to Earth as a baby.

The Moon Kingdom is still alive.

Queen Selenity is alive in this story too.

The Infinity Scouts, The Deity Soldiers, The Celestial Soldiers, & The Divinity Soldiers are allies with The Neo Soldiers they will help them in the continuous war against The Dark Scouts.


Serena thought she was living a normal life on Earth with her family, but she is going to get a big surprise when she is proclaimed to The lost Princess of The Moon Kingdom. She must learn to accept her new lifestyle, but there are evil forces that do not want her on the throne

Sailor Soldiers

Divine 3 / Universal Sailor Entities

Neo Soldiers

Infinity Soldiers / Sailor Soldier Grand Council

Deity Soldiers

Zodiac Soldiers

Celestial Soldiers / Elite Guard

Divinity Soldiers

Kaiju Soldiers / Knights Of Theremoenos / Legendary Founders of Sailor Soldier Universe


Pretty Cure



Digi Destined / Fusion Hearts

Keyblade Guardians / Light Guardians

Time Space Administration Bureau


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