Bushoujo Senshi Prime Neo Sailor Moon Imperial Shooting Majestic Star Millennium Supernatural Entity DXD Galaxy Storm: Rise Of The Queen Of The Magnificent Moon Kingdom & The True Rulers Of The Solar System--Return Of The Legendary Senshi Primesis a fan fictional remake series Of Sailor Moon.

This story in inspired by Transformers; War For Cybertron & Transformers; Fall Of Cybertron.

This is a massive crossover series.

The main focus is on The Sailor Wars and The Great Cybertronian War.

Sailor Galaxia did seal Chaos inside her but, Dark Sailor Sun removed Chaos from Galaxia's soul and infusing it into her body resulting in her star ssed returning to her and the birth of CHibi-Chibi and the restart of The Sailor Wars.

The Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets. The Neo Soldiers are the heirs of their planets.


based on Transformers; War For Cybertron & Fall Of Cybertron. Dark Sailor Sun has in possession of The Ultimate evil and brought destruction upon the universe, Neo Sailor Moon, The 12th Strongest Senshi Prime and The Other Senshi Primes must band The Sailor Senshi together to defeat their traitorous sister & save the Galaxy. The Sailor Wars still continue on, many casulties happened all the galaxy with the destuction of many kingdoms including the most powerful kingdom in the galaxy, The Moon Kingdom & bringing the peaceful age of The Silver Millennium to a horrible end. With the Moon Kingdom & The Solar System void of life and all the kingdoms destroyed, the Neo Soldiers must abandon their home for Kinmoku, they must bear the onslaught and defend the Colossus from the Dark Scouts.

Sailor Senshi

Senshi Primes

  • Sailor Galaxia
  • Neo Sailor Moon

Neo Soldiers

Asteriod Soldiers

Zodiac Soldiers

Infinity Soldiers

Kinmoku Soldiers

High Council

Galactic Soldiers

Elite Guard


Primes / Prime Leaders







Elite Guard


Holy Knights

High Kings & Queens

Mythological Guardians

Raid Cats

Wrecker Dogs

Jungle Masters

Lizard Battalion

Dino Eltite Guard

Aerial Brigade

Tailed Warolrds

Demon Gods

Angelic Saints

Insect Battalion

Aquatic Brigade

Kaiju Sages

Bakugan Royal Guard


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