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CarnEvil is a 1998 horror film about a team of agents known as the "Casualty Busters" (who help put an end to anything out of the ordinary that would be a threat to society) are at their headquarters in Greely Valley, Iowa and are ordered to go on a scavenger hunt which involves riding on Spooky Sam's Ghost Tour that would take them to the local cemetary to find a certain haunted token, and then to find the grave of the maniac Professor Ludwig Von Tokkentakker. Once there, they must insert the token into the jester skull on top of the grave which activates a murderous carnival in the cemetary. And once the carnival is activated and put up, the agents must eliminate everything using their firearms. A light gun arcade game adaption based on this film was developed by Midway Games and was released for the arcade only on October 31, 1998.



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Directed by
Stephen King

{{#if: Produced by|

Produced by
Bruce Tinton
Stephen King

{{#if: Starring|

Tuck Webster

Jack Morrison
Boris Luke

Harold Ramis

{{#if: Music by|

Music by
Owen Rebolt

{{#if: Studio

Gulf Media

{{#if: Distributed by|

Distributed by
Warner Bros.

{{#if: Release Date|

Release Date
October 30, 1998

{{#if: Running time|

Running time
90 minutes

{{#if: Country|

United States

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