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CarnEvil 2 is a 1999 horror film about a crew of carnival related people at a carnvial in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who each catch an unknown virus that turns them all violent. After a series of mysterious gruesome murders, the team of agents known as the "Casualty Busters" from Greely Valley, Iowa are sent to fly over to Canada one evening and investigate the area. As they are there, things take a turn for the worse as the whole gruesome carnival becomes a riot when the killer clowns, butchers, etc. all atempt to kill the agents and everybody else at the carnival. The agents open fire on every enemy they see in order to eliminate the threat to society and rescue the guests. A light gun arcade game adaption based on this film was developed by Midway Games and was released for the arcade only in June 1999.

CarnEvil 2


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Directed by
Stephen King

{{#if: Produced by|

Produced by
Bruce Tinton
Stephen King

{{#if: Starring|

Tuck Webster

Jack Morrison

Samuel Vincent

{{#if: Music by|

Music by
Tom Quincy

{{#if: Distributed by|

Distributed by
Warner Bros.

{{#if: Release Date|

Release Date
May 21, 1999

{{#if: Running time|

Running time
103 minutes

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United States

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