I messed up the title to my story, and I will change it to:

The World of Cars and Trucktown

One day, a 14-year-old car named Jessica Aaron was wandering around out of boredom. Suddenly, Lightning McQueen came through a portal! Jessica's sea-blue eyes widened as he said, "Well, I end up here again." Jessica said, "Leave our town!" Lightning said, "As if I'll listen to a little girl like you. I'm 41!" Jessica, who has some attitude, said, "Shut up, oldie!" Jessica's parents came along, and said, "Oh, the Lightning we all know and hate." A bunch of baddies surrounded Lightning, to his horror. He said, "Before things get violent, let's talk this out." A purple car named Violet said, "No, I want to get to the fun part." Lightning gave her a annoyed look. Violet said, "Hey! It's not my fault that you and your (bleep) friends keep entering Trucktown!" Then, Violet turned to Jessica. "Or was it the young one's fault?" Jessica said, "Of course not! I had nothing to do with the portal!" Violet said, "You were the only one near the portal!" She pushed her into the portal! "Mom! Dad!" the young teenager yelled. She heard Violet laughing. Unfortunately, poor Jessica was transported into Cars 2! She was, being a teenager, quickly shocked by the violence. Well, she was nearly killed a few times. The Lemons mistook her for a very young racer, and being sadistic, tried to injure her, but the fuel she was using would not roast her engine. If she had exchanged regular gasoline for Allinol, and been hit by the Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter, she would've been killed or on the verge of death, most likely killed. Anyways, she wandered around, and watched Finn blow up the boat, Tony Trihull, and she was minorly horrified, both that Tony was a living boat, and the explodion nearly killed her. When the movie was over, she was thrown out of the portal, to her annoyance. Violet was the only one there now, and Jessica asked, "Where's Lightning?" The evil car replied, "Car-napped."  

"Taken where?"  

Violet sighed and said, "If you must know, he's in a warehouse."  

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