Carter is a demon but one of the few demons that are good. At this point in time there is no technical name for a good demon. Much like a vampire with a soul is still a vampire. Carter became a D.B.E. in the year 660 but existed as a spiritual demonic entity for thousands of years earlier. His name as a demon was spelt Caertre but pronounced Carter. After becoming a D.B.E. he gained the evil duty of hunting slayers and killing them. In the year 1790 he was about to kill another slayer but a spell was released on him, making him gain human emotions and a permanent human form. Since that point, he made it his life duty to hunt and kill as many D.B.E.s as possible. He changed his named to Carter. To this day, Carter has killed 623 demons and 1,870 vampires and during his time as a slayer hunter, killed 46 slayers.

Character Stats

  • Name: Carter
  • Age: 2670
  • Date of Birth: October 16, 660 BC
  • Species/Gender: Demon (Male)
  • Former Job: Slayer Hunter/Assassin
  • Current Job: Demon Hunter
  • Nationality: Caucasian/European/Italian
  • Appears: Season Two

Kill Stats

  • Humans: 154
  • Slayers: 46
  • Vampires: 1,870
  • Spiritual Demons: 12
  • Biological Demons: 623
  • Gods/gods/Devils: 0
  • Monsters: 11
  • Extraterrestrials: 0
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