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The Power Rangers Ten Years of Crap began in 2011 & ended in 2020, and this Era was the worst in the shows history. Each season had too many plot holes, filler episodes, unanswered questions, bad actors, terrible Red Rangers, lazy writers, twenty episodes per season, calling every 2nd season a super season, boring holiday specials, very long hiatuses, no team up episodes, terrible Anniversary episodes, skipping certain Super Sentai installments, the worst mentor ever (Gosei), the stupidest story plots, no continuity, terrible season finales, terrible toys from their toylines, sh**** 6th Ranger toy Morphers and no or extremely little advertisements. Below are the top five reasons why each season of this Era sucked.

Samirai & Super Samurai

  • How is an enter racial team of Power Rangers descended from Japanese Samurai?
  • Why is their non Japanese home island treated as if it is Japan?
  • Why wasn't Deker and the Red Wild Force Ranger the same guy?
  • Why did Bulk and Spike have to be apart of this show?
  • Why does the Red Ranger have a Japanese last name?
  • Bonus: All of the scripts were translated from Japanese and the Clash of The Red Rangers special was crap.

Megaforce & Super Megaforce

  • The Angle and Pirate themes were ignored
  • Gosei is the worst mentor ever
  • No explanation nor background story for the New Power's
  • Troy is the worst Red Ranger ever
  • The Legendary Battle was waaay too short.

Dino Change & Dino Supercharge

  • No Talon Ranger
  • The worst and most confusing finale ever
  • The filler episodes
  • No team up with Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder
  • Curio

Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel

  • Brody is a jerk
  • Bathroom humer
  • The worst theme song ever
  • The anniversary special was crap
  • Monti and Victor 

Voyager & Super Voyager

  • Not enough non humanoid Rangers
  • Too many constellations/Kyutamas
  • Too goofy
  • No past alien planets such as Edonoi, Triforia, Eltar,KO35, Maronoi, Transiah, Sentai 6 and Enqris.

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