The Super Hero Anime Taisen Series (スーパーアニメ大戦シリーズ Supā Hīrō Anime Taisen Shirīzu, Super Hero Anime War Series) is a new group of fanfiction that serve as crossover between Shueisha, Dengeki Publication, Kadokawa Shouten, Kyoto Animation, Production I.G, Type-Moon, Media Factory, Aniplex, Animax, Toei Animation and many manga/anime production.

In the run-up to the first Super Hero Anime Taisen, it is based on a fan-art (or better known as  Animegraphy) and re-incorporated the Hollywood Movies, Asian Movies, and the actual event.

The following of the fanfiction is used from Video Games Series (Compati Heroes Series, Project X-Zone, Super Robot Wars Series, J-Star Victory Vs, Dengeki Games Series, M.U.G.E.N, Super Heroine Chronicles, Gundam Vs. Series and Super Smash Bros.) and TV Brodcasts (The Fight for The FoxBox, Disney XD's Heroes Assemble, Super Hero Taisen etc.).

Occasionly, this is canon crossover which Anime/Manga never connected with the other series.

Super Hero Anime Taisen fanfics.

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