Celrock, real name Celeste Wehrenberg, is a user on fanfiction.net who writes fanfics for many fandoms, most often Rugrats. She is partially blind.

Her Rugrats Stories

She first started writing Rugrats fanfiction after she caught several colds in college that got her thinking about illness, which led her to have nightmares about Tommy dying from a serious illness, so she wrote her first Rugrats fanfiction: Rugrats and the Gray Plague, in which Tommy does get a serious illness, but he survives.

The majority of her fanfictions involve her Original characters: Aunty Celeste, who's practically herself, but with a driverless car, Zachary "Zack" Michael Wehrenberg, who's practically her nephew except a child prodigy and who lives with Celeste, Peter the babysitter who's friends with the Disney characters and can speak to pre-verbal babies, a (completely) blind teenage boy who lives nearby named Jake, and a girl with ADHD.

Even though the majority of her stories are plausible, well-written, and in-character, there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes (although not enough for it to be painfully hard to read) and occasional implausible crossovers, in addition to occasionally exaggerating Angelica's antagonism.

Celrock's stories can also sometimes be quite serious (such as the Gray Plague one) or have a bit of a yuck factor (such as the one where Tommy says, "no" for the first time has him with food poisoning).

A lot of her stories are alternate versions of episodes (such as "what if X had been there in Y episode?") or stories set after the show, but one of them, titled Prerugrats, is set before the show (although it's a flashback from a time after the show.)

Some of celrock's stories or parts of her stories are inspired by real-life events. This went to an extreme level in her story The Sandbox Incident which made Zack stop being friends with the other toddlers. In fact, the author considers that story to be an alternate universe from her normal one.

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