Cera is a threehorn from the series The Land Before Time. In A New Enemy Approaches: Part 1, when she was walking angerly after her arguement with Littlefoot, Paul tried to catch ending with a small bruise. After she heard that her daddy was forced to be a part Team Galactic, which Tria and Tricia tried to warn her about, she felt very sad and often made arguements. To cushion the blow, Izzy tried to cheer her up by doing wreckless activities like sky diving with no parachute. She is also a huge fan of Flint of the Elite Four. In the 27th episode, she and Gwen helped her father betray the group, only to be caught red handed by Mars. After a vicious battle between her dad and Bronzor, Bronzor was unable to battle, but Cera's dad got killed. Before his death, he told Cera to be a strong girl. Tria and Tricia helped soften the blow by giving Cera a shiny stone dispute Cera not being sad at all, which she later gave to Dawn as a gift. Her partner is Gwen. She is voiced by Anndi McAfee.

Total Drama Valley

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